Monday, September 4, 2006

gas prices

I just thought I would add a quick note here that I am EXCITED about the gas prices as of late! I know you usually hear everyone complaining, but how can I complain? Up here in Canada, we fill up with liters, not gallons, so our prices probably seem way cheap to everyone in the USA.

When I filled up with gas a week and a half ago, it was $1.06 a liter (translate roughly $4 a gallon). Well, prices have continued to drop and drop over the last few days, and this morning, I filled up at only $0.88 a liter (approximately $3.32 a gallon)! I was so happy.....

It's the little things in life. Of course, what I choose not to remember is the fact that when I first moved to Canada last summer, $0.88 was a normal price to be paying for gas ALL THE TIME. But I won't dwell on that. To me, I saved $5.50 off the price of last time's fill-up, and that's good enough for me! Probably next week, I'll post something about outrageous ever-changing gas

But for now, I am happy. :)

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