Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jays game

Anyone who knows me really well knows that I am the New York Yankees' biggest fan. I live and die with the Yankees. I know every guy's number, I know the batting lineup, I know the starting pitchers......and I might even be able to tell you a few stats. :) For those of you who might think I'm a bandwagon jumper, or I just picked them b/c they're good, well, think again. Just ask my mom and she'll tell you that I have liked the Yankees ever since I was a little kid. The reason why? Because my daddy liked them!

That being said, my husband is a major Blue Jays fan. Probably not their biggest fan, but we'll just say he likes them. :) We watch a lot of their games on TV at home, so I know all their players and stuff as well. Well, the Yankees and the Jays are in the same division. Which means they are rivals........which sometimes doesn't bode well in this household.......lol. For our anniversary in July, we went to a Jays/Yankees game. Maybe not the best idea in the world.......we are both majorly competitive, and I think there's maybe a little bit of sore loser in there, too. :) Afterwards, we figured out that even though we both enjoy going to baseball games, it wasn't the most fun in the world to cheer against each other the whole time.

So.........on Saturday, we decided to go to a Jays/Red Sox game. The Boston Red Sox are also in the same division as the Jays and the Yankees, and are an even bigger rival of the Yankees. In essence, that means I don't like either team! The Yankees had already won the division a few days ago, so this game was pretty inconsequential to me. Except for the fact that I HATE the Boston Red Sox!!! Even though I would normally never cheer for the Jays, I did it this time and with great gusto. My husband and I were finally cheering for the same team!

It was such great fun to boo the Red Sox, which we did with great enthusiasm. There was a whole row of Sox fans behind us, and Sox fans in front of us, so we made sure to cheer for the Jays and boo the Red Sox extra loudly. I think by the end of the game, they were very sorry they had traveled all the way to Canada to see their team play. We had two of Jamie's brothers with us, and I think they were a little embarrassed to be seen with us. :) We are going to go to more games next season, so I think we will try to go to ones when they play Boston......we had such a great time! :)

For all you Boston fans out there.....the hunt for October is over. Sorry, boys!

P.S. The Jays won the game 5-3. How very gratifying.

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