Monday, September 4, 2006

401 days later.....

On August 28th, we were married 401 days!! Ha ha, I know that's not a big deal, BUT something happened that marks a milestone, I think. Or else I'm just really reaching for a blog

Anyways, I was reaching for something on the kitchen window sill on Monday night, and there was a glass on the counter top right underneath me. Well, of course, as I was reaching, my arm just happened to hit the glass, and it just happened to fall on the floor, and it just happened to hit the tile floor instead of the carpet that was right next to it. Yeah, I'm not bitter or anything.

It was sad in a way -- we had six glasses of that size. What do I do now when six people come over? I no longer have a complete set. But then I thought about it -- it took us (me) 401 days to break the first glass! If I only do one a year, then I guess I'm doing all right. Plus, by the time I have kids, they'll probably be breaking them every day.

Story not over. If I had just cleaned it up and been done with it, all would have been well. I could have even forgot about it, maybe. But, a couple of hours later, I was walking through that area, and I guess my cleanup skills aren't top notch or anything, b/c I stepped on a piece of glass and cut the bottom of my foot! I wasn't sure if the piece of glass got imbedded in my foot or not, so baby that I am, I got my husband out of bed to look. Amazingly enough, he was not annoyed. So, anyways, I could have forgotten the whole broken glass thing, but for now, I've got a bandaid on my foot to remind me.

Irony. :)

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Arlene said...

Hahahaha, I broke my first glass a few months ago! I was so upset because we had six of that one size, and now we only have five. :o( I bought them just before we were married, and it was one of the first things I had ever bought for our future home together. I loved seeing them peek out from their hiding place (under my bed at my parents house)... it was a sweet reminder of the fact that soon, I would be leaving my parents home and no longer be a single woman, so when I broke it, I was devastated, LOL! Of course, my hubby thought I was being such a weirdo :P At least he wasn't upset... and I didn't step on any glass shards, LOL! :o) Oops, this is a long comment!