Monday, September 11, 2006

Opa and Oma

On Saturday, I got to spend most of the day with Opa and Oma (Jamie's grandparents) and Beth and Cheryl (two of his sisters). I am so blessed to have them and be loved by them, as I no longer have any biological grandparents of my own. And these two are definitely incredible! They are so loving and caring and very interested in what is happening in each of their grandchildren's lives (and they have 19 plus me!). And they will be married for 50 years in August 2007!

♥ OPA ♥

Opa is 76 years old (or young, depending on how you look at it). He is so cute.....right now, Oma has her arm in a cast b/c she broke two of her fingers, and Opa is taking such good care of her by doing all the housework and helping her do everything. Opa used to be a preacher, and is still very faithful in church. He is an amazing artist, and I mean AMAZING! He gave us one of his paintings for our wedding last year, and we have hung it proudly on our living room wall. (I should take a picture for all to see!) Opa and Oma have his paintings hanging all over the walls of their house. He loves to take pictures and work in his garden, which is just beautiful. He is very adept with his computer and loves to e-mail! He loves to have deep conversations! I think he must have been a psychiatrist in a past life, b/c whenever I tell him something, he says, "and how do you feel about that?" LOL! He is so great.

♥ OMA ♥Oma is a bit younger than Opa, she just turned 70. She is such an extraordinary person. I have never seen her angry or upset or say an unkind word to anyone! She is loving and giving and so cheerful. How I pray that I will learn to be as graceful as she is. Oma used to work as a nurse, and still has a part-time job doing home care for another lady. She plays the organ at church, I love to play the piano while she plays the organ. Honestly, I think she has one of the best senses of humor around! She can joke and laugh with the best of us, even with a hint of harmless sarcasm here and there. :) I think one of the most amazing things about her is that she will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, and never ever complain about it! If I asked her to go shopping, she would do it. If I asked her to wash my dishes, she would. If I asked her to dig a big hole in my backyard, she would do it willingly and with a smile on her face. She plays Barbies with Jamie's younger sisters, and pool with his brothers. I would also do well to develop this attitude. She loves to do puzzles, and play Scrabble. She is just the best!

I'm so glad that I got Opa and Oma as grandparents when I married Jamie. They are wonderful people, and I'm blessed to know them and be loved by them! I love you, Opa and Oma!

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