Friday, September 29, 2006

a pleasant afternoon :)

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Oma. We had such a nice time together. By the way, if you still have grandparents to enjoy, I urge you to take advantage of the time you can share together. Grandparents can be such a gift......they have so much love and knowledge to give. I miss all of my grandparents dearly, so I am especially glad that I now have Opa and Oma.

Anyways, usually when I see Oma, lots of people are around. But this time, it was just she and I. We had a nice lunch together, and then looked through my wedding album that I just got a couple of weeks ago. Well, that just made us want to look at more pictures, so we went down to the basement and dug out all kinds of old things. We spent the afternoon drinking tea/coffee and looking at all sorts of pictures, mostly wedding. I saw Opa and Oma's wedding pictures from 1957, which were just beautifully classic. Then I saw all the wedding pictures of Oma's children -- my in-laws (of course), and the rest of the aunts and uncles. We had a good time working our way through the decades and laughing at the clothing and hairstyles that everyone thought were so fashionable! :)

Oma was a nurse, so after that, we spent a good bit of time relating stories and chatting about nursing. Then, as always when I go there, I played the piano for her, and we sang together. There is just something so special about a grandma and the love she shows, even to me, a granddaughter that she just gained last year.

So, if you haven't recently, go spend time with your grandparent(s)! Or if they don't live nearby, call them and tell them you love them. Or write a letter. Your life will be enriched, and your grandparents will be happy. As for me, I can't wait for the next day when I can go back!


Sis. Julie said...

You are wise to spend as much time as you can with your grandparents. Mine are all gone now. I'm not sure if I'll see any of them again. None of them had a testimony of being saved so that is why I'm not sure. I only had one grandfather while I was growing up that I spent a lot of time with till he died when I was about 8 yrs. old. My grandmothers I spent alot of time with till we moved away. After that I only saw them maybe twice more. They both passed away two years ago and I had been told that they both disowned me after I witnessed to them about the Lord after I got saved. So there wasn't any contact with them for 11 years. I hate that and I've wept many tears over that. I pray I'll see them again when I get to Heaven.....but I really don't know. So enjoy the time you get with yours and cherish each and every moment!!

Anne said...

Melissa ~ I only really knew two of my grandparents; one died before I was born, and another one died when I was 4. I got to live with my grandfather for four years and I have such happy memories of spending that time with him! My only remaining grandparent has alzehimers and it's so sad to go visit her. Enjoy Oma while you can!

Melissa said...

Sis Julie, I'm sorry about your grandparents. :( All of my grandparents are gone as well, and it hurts when you realize you may never see them again. It is a hard thing, and really makes me see the importance of witnessing and living for the Lord, even if you are rejected at the time.

Anne, I'm sorry about your grandma with Alzheimer's, I worked with Alzheimer's residents at Phoebe Home for a few years, and it is a difficult thing. I got to live with my grandma for two years as well, and it is very nice to have that for memories. Nice to hear from u, Anne. :)