Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rose, Ruby, and Evelyn

This is a blog that I copied over from myspace. I thought some of you might enjoy reading it. To read more about another lady from our nursing home, click here.

For those of you who don't know, Jamie and I spend some Sundays every month volunteering at a nursing home. I also volunteer at a retirement home here in the area during the week on occasion. Which I totally recommend......it is a very rewarding, inspiring, and often humbling experience.

Anyways, on Sundays, we have a sort of church service with them, mostly sing hymns and the like. Many people come to these services, but not many people come to every service. That is, with the exception of Rose and Ruby.

Rose is a great lady with a wonderful smile. I do not think she is as old as some of the others, but because of her total dependence on others to care for her, she lives in this home. Rose faithfully attends every service. But Rose is special in another way -- she cannot talk. The first time we met her, we weren't sure if she actually wanted to come to the services, or if she was just placed there by the nurses to be babysat by us, in a manner of speaking. We soon discovered this was not the case! As we came to get the people from their rooms to come to the service, we would ask Rose if she would like to come. That was when the most beautiful thing would happen.......her face would light up with the brightest and best smile and she would nod her head. During the service, while others were singing joyfully and even loudly, Rose's smile sang for her. I smile just to think about it.

Then there is Ruby. Ruby also comes to every service. Ruby, however, can speak, and usually does a lot of it! In her advanced stages of dementia, she sometimes rambles on and on about things the rest of us cannot see or hear. But what is generally garbled speech becomes quite understandable as Ruby listens to the old hymns we sing. Every time she hears them, without exception, Ruby will stop in the middle of her ramblings, and say, "Oh, that's beautiful, just beautiful" and stop and listen. She makes me smile too.

Evelyn is a lady that lives at the retirement home that I go to during the week. I truly think that I would be hard pressed to find a more gracious woman. She is just lovely and elegant in every sense of the word. She is also very independent, but unfortunately has to depend on others for some things, because she is blind. However, what would be a handicap for most, is more of an asset to Evelyn, or at least that's what she says. As I play the piano for them to sing hymns, I look around at all these people. Evelyn is the one singing all the songs, every line, every word. She told me that because she does not have to worry about reading the words, she can picture the face of God while she sings in praise to Him. How beautiful is that? It inspires me so much every time they sing "Amazing Grace" and I see Evelyn singing, "I was blind, but now I see!" I venture to say she sees more than the rest of us!

I am so blessed to have these people in my life. Every time I volunteer, I am inspired a thousand times over.

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