Monday, September 4, 2006


Spencer is my new kitty. She is a girl.

Yes, I know Spencer is a boy name, but she is perfectly okay with that name. It fits her. In fact, I think she will probably be able to grow up without being traumatized.

Spencer weighs 3.1 pounds as of her last vet visit.

She has a scabby mark right in the middle of her nose. She hit it on our bed while trying to jump up there during the night. You might think she would learn, but she still jumps up there every night.

Spencer hates water with a passion.
When she is happy, she can purr loud enough and long enough to supply power to a small city for a while.

She does not really like to be held, but will tolerate it for small amounts of time.

Spencer likes to lie between Jamie and me in bed (think what this is doing to our But she doesn't understand when just one of us is lying in the bed and will jump all over the person until A) they get up or B) kick her out of the room.

Her favorite place to nap is draped over my laptop keyboard. Second favorite is the back of the sofa.

The other day, I had this cake with chocolate icing. Spencer got curious and plopped herself right on top of it! She was covered with icing. Needless to say, she got her first bath, and I was annoyed b/c I didn't get any cake.

We definitely know Spencer is a girl. She will pull my undies out of the drawer and play with them. I guess James' underwear are boring. :) She will also intently watch me put on makeup.

She likes to wake me up in the morning by licking my nose and patting my face with her paws.

We know Spencer loves us, b/c she used to play with her claws extended, and now she doesn't anymore. No more scratch marks.

Spencer has one little gray and black spot right in the middle of her otherwise all white belly.

She loves feet and shoes.

It is one of her great interests in life to watch me clean out her litter box. She sits right next to me and purrs approvingly. :)

She likes to sit at the computer with me and watch me play Tetris. At first, I didn't really think she was seeing it, but then she began swatting at the pieces as they were falling! She gets annoyed when nothing happens as she hits them. :)

My husband discovered she likes to play peek-a-boo. If you look at her while she is sitting under the table and then move your face away and do it a few times, eventually she will catch on. When you bring your face back, she will start "attacking" you by swatting your face and licking it!

Spencer is a great little kitty. I will add more when she does more cute things.

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Arlene said...

Awwww, I love my kitty, and I love reading/hearing about other people who love their animals, too! :o) Spencer sounds just adorable!