Tuesday, September 5, 2006

what's going on....

Well, I just thought I would post a little bit about stuff that is going on in our lives lately. God has been so good to us, so I thought I would share.

1) Jamie received a letter last week that he has made it all the way through the application process to become a cadet in the Ontario Provincial Police! Now, he has been put on an eligibility list and could receive an offer of employment at any time. And yes, he is extremely excited! He has wanted this for a long time, and when he gets this position, he will pretty much have a great full-time job for life. It will also mean that he can quit his other job in construction, which is very physically exhausting. Much as we are excited, we are also preparing ourselves for the cut in pay when he takes this job. The end result is good, but the starting salary is a bit less than what he is making now, although see more about that in #2. Here is Jamie in his OPP auxiliary uniform.

2) I should be receiving my work permit in the mail close to any day now! But I don't want to be too excited until it actually arrives, b/c the government is notorious for taking their good old time and holding things back due to inconsequential things. But I think I will really get it, most likely this week. So this will help when we have to take the pay cut at first. I am hoping to get a part-time job just to make some money for my nursing test. And maybe then, hopefully, I will be a nurse by the beginning of 2007. This has been something that I have been waiting for (and not very patiently!) it seems like forever.

3) hmmm, Spencer is Spencer.........tearing up the house and looking cute while doing it. She goes for her second vet visit tomorrow.

4) My mom called the other day, and our wedding album is finally ready! Only over a year later, but hey! I guess it could have been done sooner, but this whole business with living in another country is kind of extenuating circumstances, you might say. Also, the family pictures we had taken in June are done, so we will be getting those as well.

5) I got a new piano keyboard, courtesy of my church. I had this really nice keyboard that I used for a while, but when we moved, for some reason, it would not work properly anymore. So for the time being, I borrowed one to use for practice, but then had to give it back eventually. For a couple months, I didn't have anything at all, and was kind of just winging my way through playing for the services at church. Well, I knew this was not what the Lord wanted, He wanted my best. Our church offered to pay to repair my keyboard, but the store said it would cost $90 just for an estimate! How crazy is that? Our pastor then said to just buy a new keyboard and the church would cover the cost. So now I have a new keyboard and have no excuses for any mistakes on Sunday mornings! :) It is also good, b/c now Jamie and I can practice specials at home again. BONUS -- I wanted to get a stand for it, but they cost about $50 new, so I thought I would look around a bit. I'm glad I did, b/c I found a brand new one on ebay for the low low price of 55 cents!!! We'll see how good it is when it arrives.

6) It was family reunion day on Saturday for James' dad's side of the family. I met tons of new people, b/c most of these people were not able to come to our wedding, since it was in PA. It's crazy marrying into a huge family.......Jamie has like 25 first cousins on his dad's side alone! I think I have seven cousins TOTAL on both sides, so this was a little new for me, but fun!

7) First day of NFL football season is on Thursday! Yes, that is a national holiday in our house. Although I will have to watch the NY Yankees all the way through the playoffs (hopefully)

It seems like there is so much more going on in our lives than this small post. Rest assured, I will think of them and bore you with them later. :) Tonight, Beth is coming over for a girl movie night, so I am making stuffed peppers......yummy PA food!!



Sis. Julie said...

Thank you Melissa for stopping by my site and checking me out. It's always a blessing to find new faces reading my posts. My posts lately haven't been biblical due to my being sick. I hope to get back on track with that once I get over this stuff I have. So you're a Yanks fan huh? Well...we are Braves fans. They aren't doing well at all this year but we were due. We are also Georgia Bulldog fans and I personally am a Indianapolis Colts fan. So as you can see we watch a lot of sports at our house as well.

It's a blessing to hear how God is blessing your marriage. Continue to seek His will and follow what He shows you to do and you'll always have his blessings.

Later I'm going to add your page to my list of Sites I Like To Visit. I have a couple I will be removing and was hoping that God would give me someone to replace them. Guess what...He did!!...YOU!! Stop by my site anytime and be sure to read more of the posts under the topics that interest you on the right of my page. I pray you find more blessings when you read more of them.

Oh yeah...congratulations to your hubby on his new job. Once he goes into police work he will never want to get out. My husband was a police officer for 16 years and recently had to leave it as God told him to in order to devote more time to our church and the ministry God put him in.

Rachel said...

Heehee!!! I laughed at the stuffed peppers comment. :) We just had them for lunch on Sunday. Hope they were good!

Anne said...

Wow Melissa! Your family pic looks great!!! I didn't realize there were so many little ones running around:D

I didn't realize you went into nursing either. That's probably the most popular thing for a girl to do:-) Sarah Davies is finishing up this year and Leah just graduated in August. Have fun doing part-time work!

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes, peppers are yummy! It's one of my favorite PA foods that we can actually make here in this foreign land.....lol.

And yes, my family is growing. My brother Tom has four girls, Andy has one, and my sister Jeanette has one. She is also expecting another one in the spring, so we are all hoping for a boy finally! But whatever God wants....

Thanks for the comments!