Wednesday, October 25, 2006


hmmmm, so it's been like, what, 38 years since I posted on this thing? My page looked a little lost with the pumpkin entry still at the top, soooooo I'm going to take care of that right now......

So much has happened! And I think ALL of it is good! Or at least it will be in the long run. First off, and probably the most exciting is that my husband got accepted by the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police)!!!!! He got a call, oh, last week, and they said we have an opening to fill and we want you to fill it and can you be here Monday morning, yadda yadda yadda. Needless to say, he was SOOOOOO excited!!! If you knew my husband at all, you would know that he would have done anything to get out of his other job, and here, it just fell into his lap. Only sad thing is that he is away this WHOLE week........he went off for training, so I am stuck here at home by myself. And if I sound like I'm whining, it's b/c I you all better feel sorry for me! :) He'll be home on Friday though........I guess I should count my blessings that he will not be away for nearly as long as Nikki's husband.

Next news is that I myself got a job. That might not be very exciting to most people, but to me, who hasn't worked in over a year, I'd say it's like the highlight of the Anyways, current job is taking care of a lady at her home while she recovers from pneumonia. I'm actually working for an agency that provides this type of service. However, I have an interview Thursday at a nursing home, which I hope will be my main job, and then possibly work for this agency on the side. Right now, it's working out good for me, and we could really use the $$$, so I'd say life is good. Although I just read that last paragraph back to myself, and was a little confused, even though I wrote

Hmmmm, immigration woes may be over next week!!! They finally sent me a letter requesting an interview with my husband and me next Wednesday. I don't know exactly what this means, but I think it means that if all goes well (aka I don't walk in wearing a turban or carrying explosives), then I will finally be a tax-paying, law-abiding resident of Canada. But don't worry.........I have not, and will never, renounce my American citizenship..........just a resident here, but I live and breathe USA!!! Anywho, becoming a resident doesn't change much, I guess..........just means I get to pay taxes, I can work w/o having to renew a permit every year, I can go to school if I want, and I don't have to pay a fee to live here anymore!!! Although some would call taxes fees to live in a country.......... Oh yeah, I get healthcare too, that's a plus. Free prescription drugs, anyone? :)

Anyone excited for me yet? Yeah, that's what I pretty much Other key points of interest in our household:

  1. Spencer, our kitty, now weighs six pounds (can I get a woot woot?)
  2. My mama just had some tests done and she is doing really well
  3. James caved and we have been playing Christmas music in the house for the past week or so
  4. My sister is having baby #2 in the spring.
  5. I won and lost at the same time in my NFL football survival crazy is that?
  6. We love our life -- God has blessed us with so much!!!

Okay, I'm signing off now..........gotta get ready for the working day.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

pumpkin Friday

1 scrumptious pumpkin doughnut from Timmy's
1 yummy pumpkin pie baked at 7:30 am
+ 1 delicious pumpkin pie blizzard from Dairy Queen
= 1 very pumpkin pie kind of day

P.S. You can't go wrong with pumpkin! :-)

P.S. #2 Does the word "pumpkin" look funny to anyone else?
It just looks like a very odd word. I like odd words.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

first snow!

I went out to check the mail this afternoon, and I wasn't expecting what I found! Nothing great in the mail of course, but it was SNOWING!!! Now lest you think I was actually excited by this prospect.........I wasn't. A little shocked, perhaps. This means that winter is really on its way, not even a month after fall has begun. I guess those beautiful colors aren't going to last long under these conditions. Anyways, I couldn't really be mad about this was basically just flurries and didn't really stick for long. Here are some pics of the white stuff. I thought the second picture was especially looks like spring and winter all rolled into one!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

happy Thanksgiving!!!

Yup, you heard that right! While everyone else was celebrating (?) Columbus Day in the States, up here, we had Canadian Thanksgiving! Which seems like a pretty good tradeoff to me, seeing as no one really does anything to celebrate Columbus Day -- but Canadian Thanksgiving is just like American Thanksgiving -- lots and lots of food and fellowship and thanks to God! Now I must admit that I'm pretty sure that Canadian Thanksgiving is a rip-off of the American version (I'm American, I don't have a problem admitting that!). But who in their right mind could complain when it means I get TWO Thanksgiving dinners every fall? Now that's what I'm talking about! :)

Anyways, we went over to Jamie's parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner. But before we did that, we decided to take a drive through the countryside and look at all the beautiful fall colors. I was a little bit disappointed that there wasn't a brilliant blue sky as there had been the previous two days, but the colors were still amazing. Here are a couple of pictures I took.

Okay, I realize that last picture has nothing to do with beautiful fall colors, but I like it anyways!

So, Thanksgiving at the in-laws was rather fun. There were about 20 people there, and it was anything but quiet! My husband has a rather large family........we were there, his parents, his grandparents, his ten siblings, and three friends. Good times! Thanksgiving is always a big feast, but seeing as there were so many people there, this was quite a feast! After dinner, we all sat around the (very long) table and played Apples to Apples. Which, if you haven't ever played, you absolutely must! Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, and now I am blessed with two! Jamie and I are hoping to drive down to PA for American Thanksgiving in November. But if we can't make it, you can bet I'll be cooking up a great turkey/stuffing/potatoes/cranberry sauce/pumpkin pie dinner for two right here in Canada on that day. :)

Oh, by the way, there is ONE better thing about American Thanksgiving -- NFL football all day!

Sunday, October 8, 2006


I'm having slightly mixed feelings about the changing seasons that are almost/suddenly/finally upon us. On the one hand, I am very reluctant to give up summer. On the other hand, I'm very excited for of the only things I actually like about winter. :) Okay, maybe that's a small exaggeration.......I also like hot apple cider and wearing sweaters and the first big fat snowflakes and hot chocolate and Tim Horton's and sledding and ice skating and hoodies and Thanksgiving and going to PA for New Year's and building snowmen and fireplaces and making snow angels and more. Okay, maybe I don't dislike winter that much, it's just that I love summer so much!

I took James to work the other morning, and (horror of horrors) first I had to scrape ice off the car!!! It was a whopping 31 degrees! I am so not ready for that! It doesn't help that winter lasts until April up here. Anyways, I absolutely refuse to accept that it is now fall and winter is fast approaching. To show my disgust and distaste, I am being stubborn and continuing to wear flip flops. It's kind of funny, but really borders on stupidity. :) After taking James to work the other day, I had to park down the street b/c our driveway was being worked on. Well, I'm sure I was quite a sight walking back home.........I was wearing fleece pants, a long-sleeve shirt, a warm hoodie, flip flops. And I will continue to adamantly wear them as long as I can or at least until my toes turn blue and are frost bitten! I have issues with the fact that flip flops are only created to be worn in the warmer months. I suppose part of the problem is my aversion to socks in general, and also my being too lazy to tie shoes! :) Anyways, it was a bit warmer today, and I wore my flip flops with pride and without looking stupid (at least I like to think so).

On to the joys of winter -- Christmas! Now I know it seems a little too early to be thinking of Christmas, but I can't help myself! I would put up our tree tomorrow if James would let me. (And no, he won't.....I already asked But today was a good day, b/c we downloaded tons of Christmas music and burned it on CDs. I really want to listen to it all now, but Jamie says I have to wait until November at least............

In the meantime, I've noticed the fall colors are becoming more beautiful and more brilliant. I really have to take some pictures before they all disappear and the (ugly cold horrible) winter sets in. I try to hide my true feelings with parentheses, but I don't think I'm fooling! Just not looking forward to shoveling and digging out the car and scraping ice off the windows and driving in the snow and being cold all the time and wearing socks and having to put on ten layers just to go check the mail.........

So, what's YOUR favorite season? Fifty bonus points to whoever can figure out

Thursday, October 5, 2006

am I crazy?

I have been playing music all day while I clean the house, wash dishes, and such. And I just really love the words to one of the songs I heard, so I thought I would post it here. It's called "Crazy."

Why would I spend my life longing for the day that it would end?
Why would I spend my time pointing to another man?
Isn't that crazy?
How can I find hope in dying with promises unseen?
How can I learn Your way is better in everything I'm taught to be?
Isn't that crazy?

And if I boast, let me boast in filthy rags made clean,
And if I glory, let me glory in my Saviour's suffering,
Isn't that crazy?
And as I live this daily life, I trust You for everything,
And I will only take a step when I feel You leading me,
Isn't that crazy?

I have not been called to the wisdom of this world,
But to a God Who's calling out to me;
And even though the world may think
I'm losing touch with reality
It would be crazy to choose this world over eternity.
So you can call me crazy....

I just love this runs through my head many times a day. It really helps to be reminded that even though the world may think I'm weird, nuts, or just plain crazy, my end result and reward is eternity with Christ. Call me crazy, but I can't think of anything better than that. Anyways, just thought I'd share that. Maybe it will be an encouragement to you.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

date night

How wonderful a rainy day can turn out to be. :)

Jamie works in construction (for the time being), and had the day off on Tuesday due to thunderstorms in the morning. So, it was nice to have him home and nice for him to get some rest. We tried not to think about the fact that this means less $$$ in the next paycheck. Oh well, it's just money.

Anyways, we don't usually go out during the week b/c Jamie has to get to bed early. But for lack of anything better to do (AKA watch TV or stare at the walls), we opted to go out. Now you might be thinking, why in the world would we go out and spend money when Jamie had the day off? Spending money when there was no cash flow coming in seems a little illogical. And I admit, if you're thinking this, you're probably right. But it's just what we do. We never said we were :)

And I don't think we were irresponsible either........we didn't get an appetizer and ordered water at the restaurant, and Tuesday is cheap movie night at the theater. Ah ha, you see, we only spent a little money........which means we only spent a little more than we don't have instead of a LOT more than we don't have. Think about it...........and you still won't get it. The point is we had fun.

So we went to East Side Mario's.........a yummy Italian restaurant. It is my favorite restaurant in Canada, b/c they have an awesome replica of the Statue of Liberty in there.......reminds me of my good old home in the USA. :) Then we went to the movies after dinner. It sounds so funny, right? Isn't that the classic date..........dinner and a movie? And here, Jamie and I have been together for 4 years and we have never done that before! We've gone to dinner a lot, sure, and the movies here and there, but never on the same night. So it was rather special. And it totally made sense.......since we had dinner ahead of time, I wasn't hungry at the movie.......which made Jamie's wallet happy. :) We saw The Guardian, in case anyone cared. I think we both enjoyed it immensely. We got home around 10 pm, so Jamie still had time to go to bed early enough.

I think the best part of the evening was the fact that we walked everywhere! I love walking places with Jamie. The rain had cleared up, and it was just a very pleasant fall evening, a little warmer than we have been having lately. And we are very fortunate enough to live within walking distance of many stores and restaurants. All in all, it was a very enjoyable time, but then again, so is every time I spend with my husband. I love him!

Oh yeah.....what was Jamie's favorite part of the night? I'm pretty sure it was the fact that he didn't have to stay home and watch the Yankees game with me! That is pure torture for him. After we got home, I watched the rest of the game.........turned out to be a perfect evening, b/c, of course, the Yankees won. Go Yanks!

a pic of my mom

Doesn't she look healthy? :-)

Monday, October 2, 2006

October is.....

.....Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I guess to some of you, that doesn't really seem like a big deal. But it is to me. Every day is "awareness day" to me. Every day, I think of my mom.........every day, I look down at the pink band on my arm and think of the thousands and thousands of others.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year. It is really hard for me, so I can only imagine how much harder it must be for her. The hardest part for me is not being able to be there with her. But our God is good and big and strong..........and EVERYWHERE. He is here with me, and He is there with her. By His grace, she has made it this far. And we can only wait to see what the next months will hold in store.