Wednesday, October 4, 2006

date night

How wonderful a rainy day can turn out to be. :)

Jamie works in construction (for the time being), and had the day off on Tuesday due to thunderstorms in the morning. So, it was nice to have him home and nice for him to get some rest. We tried not to think about the fact that this means less $$$ in the next paycheck. Oh well, it's just money.

Anyways, we don't usually go out during the week b/c Jamie has to get to bed early. But for lack of anything better to do (AKA watch TV or stare at the walls), we opted to go out. Now you might be thinking, why in the world would we go out and spend money when Jamie had the day off? Spending money when there was no cash flow coming in seems a little illogical. And I admit, if you're thinking this, you're probably right. But it's just what we do. We never said we were :)

And I don't think we were irresponsible either........we didn't get an appetizer and ordered water at the restaurant, and Tuesday is cheap movie night at the theater. Ah ha, you see, we only spent a little money........which means we only spent a little more than we don't have instead of a LOT more than we don't have. Think about it...........and you still won't get it. The point is we had fun.

So we went to East Side Mario's.........a yummy Italian restaurant. It is my favorite restaurant in Canada, b/c they have an awesome replica of the Statue of Liberty in there.......reminds me of my good old home in the USA. :) Then we went to the movies after dinner. It sounds so funny, right? Isn't that the classic date..........dinner and a movie? And here, Jamie and I have been together for 4 years and we have never done that before! We've gone to dinner a lot, sure, and the movies here and there, but never on the same night. So it was rather special. And it totally made sense.......since we had dinner ahead of time, I wasn't hungry at the movie.......which made Jamie's wallet happy. :) We saw The Guardian, in case anyone cared. I think we both enjoyed it immensely. We got home around 10 pm, so Jamie still had time to go to bed early enough.

I think the best part of the evening was the fact that we walked everywhere! I love walking places with Jamie. The rain had cleared up, and it was just a very pleasant fall evening, a little warmer than we have been having lately. And we are very fortunate enough to live within walking distance of many stores and restaurants. All in all, it was a very enjoyable time, but then again, so is every time I spend with my husband. I love him!

Oh yeah.....what was Jamie's favorite part of the night? I'm pretty sure it was the fact that he didn't have to stay home and watch the Yankees game with me! That is pure torture for him. After we got home, I watched the rest of the game.........turned out to be a perfect evening, b/c, of course, the Yankees won. Go Yanks!

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Sis. Julie said...

I'm glad you had a good time with your hubby!! Together time is very important!!