Thursday, October 12, 2006

first snow!

I went out to check the mail this afternoon, and I wasn't expecting what I found! Nothing great in the mail of course, but it was SNOWING!!! Now lest you think I was actually excited by this prospect.........I wasn't. A little shocked, perhaps. This means that winter is really on its way, not even a month after fall has begun. I guess those beautiful colors aren't going to last long under these conditions. Anyways, I couldn't really be mad about this was basically just flurries and didn't really stick for long. Here are some pics of the white stuff. I thought the second picture was especially looks like spring and winter all rolled into one!

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Sis. Julie said...

I love the snow!!! Of course, here in Georgia we don't get to see much of it. I saw it all the time when I was growing up though. When a person has to see so much of it a person gets sick of it...which is how I was growing up. Now I'd pay for one good snowfall a year at least!!! Those pictures are so pretty!!