Wednesday, October 25, 2006


hmmmm, so it's been like, what, 38 years since I posted on this thing? My page looked a little lost with the pumpkin entry still at the top, soooooo I'm going to take care of that right now......

So much has happened! And I think ALL of it is good! Or at least it will be in the long run. First off, and probably the most exciting is that my husband got accepted by the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police)!!!!! He got a call, oh, last week, and they said we have an opening to fill and we want you to fill it and can you be here Monday morning, yadda yadda yadda. Needless to say, he was SOOOOOO excited!!! If you knew my husband at all, you would know that he would have done anything to get out of his other job, and here, it just fell into his lap. Only sad thing is that he is away this WHOLE week........he went off for training, so I am stuck here at home by myself. And if I sound like I'm whining, it's b/c I you all better feel sorry for me! :) He'll be home on Friday though........I guess I should count my blessings that he will not be away for nearly as long as Nikki's husband.

Next news is that I myself got a job. That might not be very exciting to most people, but to me, who hasn't worked in over a year, I'd say it's like the highlight of the Anyways, current job is taking care of a lady at her home while she recovers from pneumonia. I'm actually working for an agency that provides this type of service. However, I have an interview Thursday at a nursing home, which I hope will be my main job, and then possibly work for this agency on the side. Right now, it's working out good for me, and we could really use the $$$, so I'd say life is good. Although I just read that last paragraph back to myself, and was a little confused, even though I wrote

Hmmmm, immigration woes may be over next week!!! They finally sent me a letter requesting an interview with my husband and me next Wednesday. I don't know exactly what this means, but I think it means that if all goes well (aka I don't walk in wearing a turban or carrying explosives), then I will finally be a tax-paying, law-abiding resident of Canada. But don't worry.........I have not, and will never, renounce my American citizenship..........just a resident here, but I live and breathe USA!!! Anywho, becoming a resident doesn't change much, I guess..........just means I get to pay taxes, I can work w/o having to renew a permit every year, I can go to school if I want, and I don't have to pay a fee to live here anymore!!! Although some would call taxes fees to live in a country.......... Oh yeah, I get healthcare too, that's a plus. Free prescription drugs, anyone? :)

Anyone excited for me yet? Yeah, that's what I pretty much Other key points of interest in our household:

  1. Spencer, our kitty, now weighs six pounds (can I get a woot woot?)
  2. My mama just had some tests done and she is doing really well
  3. James caved and we have been playing Christmas music in the house for the past week or so
  4. My sister is having baby #2 in the spring.
  5. I won and lost at the same time in my NFL football survival crazy is that?
  6. We love our life -- God has blessed us with so much!!!

Okay, I'm signing off now..........gotta get ready for the working day.

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Sis. Julie said...

Woooohoooo!! Glad to hear that your hubby got the job he has been wanting. I'm sorry you are alone this week. I know how that is all too well. So you will be working at a nursing home eh? Bless your heart!! That takes a special person to do that job. And you must be one of those special people. I know one thing...the nursing homes need a lot more compassionate type of workers. They all seem to be so mean and rude with visitors and with the residents. I know you aren't that type but there sure are alot of them working in those places. I know cause we use to go and sing and help with services that one of our preachers from our church would hold there. I fell in love with the residents. They were so sweet...for the most part...LOL!!