Thursday, November 16, 2006

news headlines

hey there, boys and girls.......just some updates.

1. I got my second job!! I start on the 20th. And I actually got the shift I wanted.

2. Spencer is getting spayed on the 27th.........she doesn't know yet. :)

3. James finally got his first paycheck from the OPP.......after what, almost a month? I don't know what they thought we were living on.

4. We set up our Christmas tree on the 14th!!! It looks so pretty!!!! Pictures to follow.

5. We joined a gym yesterday.........Jamie, so he can be in good shape for the OPP, and me, so I can get rid of my tummy and jiggly thighs. We'll see how this works out (no pun intended).

6. I talked to my sister the other day, and she is having a..........oh wait, why should I tell you? Okay, never mind, it's a BOY!!!!! After six nieces, I will finally have a nephew!

7. I have a good job this week. I am staying overnight at a lady's house, just to keep an eye on her. She sleeps mostly, so I can do anything else I want. Her daughter keeps me well supplied with lots of food, soda, blankets, pillows, magazines, puzzle books, etc. It's pretty sweet. And I'm even getting paid for it. :)

8. Okay, I guess that's about it. What's not to love about life? :)

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