Saturday, December 2, 2006

medical imponderables

I was going to title this "sick as a dog." Then I got to thinking, where did that expression come from anyways? I have never seen a dog with a cold or the flu.......maybe an upset stomach for a little while, but that's about it. So why do we, as humans, compare our sick selves to the generally healthy dog?

Another question I have been wondering about. (I've been sick, so I have had a lot of time to sit around and think. This is not normal behavior. :)) So, do cold medications really help you to get better faster, or do they merely mask your symptoms? I know I shouldn't be asking this, cuz y'all will just say, you're a nurse, you should know. :) And yet I have this great question, even with the letters R.N. behind my name. I tend to think cold meds just mask the symptoms to make you more comfortable while your body heals itself (or rather God heals it). I think there have been plenty of times when I didn't take any medication at all, and miracle of miracles, I STILL GOT BETTER!!!

Also, does the flu shot make you get sick? I have heard so many reports and studies saying, no, it doesn't, it can't, it's not a live virus, etc etc etc. But all I know is that I got the flu shot on Tuesday of last week and I was sick by Friday of that same week. A week later here, I am on the mend, but my husband has no signs of it at all, and we're usually quite good at sharing. So, I tend to think that it's a bit too coincidental for my liking. I would never have gotten the shot if it weren't required for my job.......I think I will charge the costs of my Kleenex and juice and Tylenol Cold to my employer. The thought of even attempting such a thing makes me smile. :)

Hmmm, on a side note.........still medically speaking, but not necessarily mom is not doing all that well. She is having so much pain, and she is going to see a specialist on Monday. If you remember, I'd appreciate your prayers!!

P.S. Confidential to Jeanette in Oregon: Happy 27th birthday, big sis!!! Yeah, you're old now! (I feel a little like Dear Abby writing a little confidential postscript to


mouse said...

You have a really good blog, I really like your style of writing.

Melissa said...

awwww, thank you for your nice comments!! :)