Wednesday, January 17, 2007

all the above

I love music!!! I am generally listening to it all day long if I'm home, and even if I'm on the run, I usually have my iPod in tow. My husband and I generally agree on music, but occasionally we differ. For instance, he likes a bit of hip-hop (NOT for me), and of course, I love Josh Groban and Andrea Boccelli, and he is not a fan. We like a lot of the same Christian bands. But one thing we really differ on is that I will listen to a song for the lyrics, and he generally is attracted to it for the tune. But such is life....... Anyways, there are so many good Christian songs with excellent words, I could do tons and tons of posts on all the songs I like. But here's one for today, by MercyMe (probably my favorite Christian band). It is a GREAT reminder that there is ALWAYS a reason for us as Christians to be happy. And I love the fact that all the angels rejoiced when I got saved. I'm nobody special, but ALL of them rejoiced. Wow. Does God love me or what?

Remember the day that God forgot your sin?
Remember the way that joy came tumbling in?
There will be times when you cannot find
A reason to stand and sing
But let this remind you time after time
That you're a child of the King.

The day that Heaven found you,
The day the angels sang
Praises to the Father,
Who called you by name;
The moment you surrendered,
The moment you were saved,
And life, as you knew it,
Forever was changed,
And all the above rejoiced.

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