Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Canadian weirdness

So. Living in Canada is really not that different from the States. But they do have some oddities about them, just little stuff that sometimes drives me nuts.

  1. Winter hats are called toques. That's pronounced "toooook" as in tooth.
  2. The last letter of the alphabet is said "zed", not "zee." Now that's just retarded.
  3. Things that you wear on your feet that I would normally call sneakers or running shoes are called "runners." How original.
  4. The squirrels that grace us with their presence are all black, not gray like I am used to.
  5. Every label on EVERYTHING is written in half English, half French. The irony is Ontario is not a French province. I don't know anyone who is French, or even speaks French, but we have to look at French every time we go shopping or eat.
  6. There are no dollar bills, the lowest denomination is $5. There are, however, $1 coins called loonies and $2 coins called toonies. Yikes.
  7. The things that you wear on your hands in the winter that I normally call gloves or mittens depending on whether they have fingers are called "mitts." No matter if they are actually gloves.
  8. You can use debit for EVERYTHING up here. And I mean everything. You don't have to have a check card. This is one thing I actually like. I generally never have cash on me, which means I don't have to carry the annoying loonies and toonies.
  9. Okay, not everything -- the local coffee place, Tim Horton's, which everyone (excluding me) is in absolute love with, only accepts cash. This is probably the only reason I would ever carry cash.
  10. You cannot buy milk in gallons or half gallons as most normal people do. Instead, you buy it in BAGS. Three bags equals four liters, which is a little more than a gallon. And it is EXPENSIVE!
  11. Yes, people do say "eh" a lot. A LOT.
  12. Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) is kinda equivalent to the day after Thanksgiving in the US. Crazy shopping and crazy sales. People get up early to go out and blow money right after they just blew a bunch on Christmas. Credit card companies love this day.
  13. Boxing Day has become more of a Boxing Week thing. Even after Boxing Day is over, places continue to advertise "Boxing Week" sales clear into January. We're at the end of January, and I still see Boxing Week sales being advertised, usually at furniture stores.
  14. Have you ever heard of five-pin bowling? Enough said.
  15. Canadians trash Americans a lot. Sometimes this amuses me, sometimes it really annoys me. Often, they will do it in front of me, not realizing where I'm from. Then when they find out, they're like, oh, well, I DO like some Americans, or I didn't mean YOU..... Yeah right buddy. It is kind of funny, though, to watch them squirm. :)

Okay, my brain hurts. I will add more to the list later. There is definitely a lot more.

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