Wednesday, January 10, 2007

playing catch-up

Well, what a long and eventful holiday season it has been!!! I can't really say I'm sorry it's over, now I'm just ready for the winter to be over. Although it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon.......our temps are below freezing every day and there's snow at night and it's just miserable. Come summer!!!

Anyways, Jamie and I ended up celebrating our Christmas by going to church in the morning and then opening gifts together on Christmas Eve. Yay!! I got a bunch of stuff -- hmmm, a couple of movies, a Josh Groban CD, two hoodies, a bathrobe, scrapbooking stuff, and of course, candy. There might have been more that I'm just not remembering at the moment. I got him shoes (how boring, but that is what he wanted), a sweater, a long-sleeve shirt, two books, a Buffalo Bills toque, and a movie. Here is a pic of all the loot. :)

Christmas morning I had to work until 3 pm, and after that we went to Jamie's parents for the rest of the day. We had Christmas dinner -- two turkeys and ham and stuffing and potatoes and salad and veggies and croquettes and cheesecake and other yummy stuff -- lots of food for the 15 of us. Then we had a gift exchange, everyone had drawn a name, b/c buying gifts for that many people is kind of ridiculous! I personally was glad about the arrangement. I had drawn the name of Nate, Jamie's 17-year-old brother. Woohoo, a gift certificate definitely did the trick. Jamie's dad had drawn my name, and bought me a Casting Crowns CD I really wanted. So I think it worked out rather well. I had to work the next day (Boxing Day) too, but I didn't mind too pay always sits well with me. :)

A couple of days after Christmas, Jamie and I both got sick on the same day, nasty stomach flu sickness. Yuck!!!! And that's all I'm going to say about that, to spare all of you.

New Year's Eve, we went to a church party thing at someone's house. We were going to leave before midnight, but ended up staying until about 12:45 or so. We had a very loud and very rambunctious round of TriBond going, and of course, we just had to finish! Well, at least I did......Jamie wasn't all that into it. But I am ultra-competitive.......sometimes to a fault. :)

We spent New Year's Day at Jamie's parents' house again, and his grandparents came too. I don't think we got over there until later afternoon, b/c we had stayed up rather late the night before. But at least we didn't have hangovers, like a lot of the population.

So, now, it's back to normal. Back to working, back to the daily grind, back to winter, back to cooking meals every night instead of eating holiday leftovers. Jamie has a weird afternoon/evening shift this week, and I'm working nights, so we're not seeing too much of each other. It's pretty much, he gets home and I head out the door after handing him his supper. It will change next week though, which is good, b/c we need to start frequenting the gym a little more.

Okay, this post tired me out a bit, thinking of all the busyness. To close, here is a pic taken on Christmas Eve of me, my hubby, and our little kitty. If she looks rather crabby, it's because she WAS!!!!

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