Friday, February 23, 2007

a good Valentine's Day and a bad February 20

well, well, well, what a title, I know.......I was originally just going to post about our nice Valentine's Day, but then I didn't get around to it in a timely manner, and then so many other things happened in the week following that perhaps should be mentioned......and anyways, I'm rambling.....

Okay, V-Day!! Last year was our first V-Day being married, and guess what we did? NOTHING!! We had actually agreed that we wouldn't do anything, b/c we were a little strapped for cash at the time......but this time around, we're sitting a little better......yay us!! Soon we will be rid of our debt, what an exciting time that will be! So, Jamie went to work on Feb 14, and I decided to make a nice dinner for when he came home. I decorated the table and wrote a nice card and made a great (I hope) meal of lasagna, garlic bread, and cherry cheese pie. Jamie came home about 5:30 or so, and I was like, look what I did for you, and he said, well, I kinda expected you would do something like that. I was like.......oh......well, then......even though I hadn't planned any of it until he had gone to work.......but whatever. We had a very nice, very nice, can I repeat very nice, quiet evening together. He brought me four beautiful red roses, one for every year we have been together (we actually started dating on V-Day 2003 - another story for another post). He also bought me the first season of the Gilmore Girls on DVD....a truly selfless gift, if you know my husband. :) I gave him a gift card for iTunes, and a set of earphones he romantic, right? :) Anyways, it turned out very nicely. Have I used the word nice enough? Here are a few pics of our evening.....

the little table I set
our yummy dessert
my beautiful roses!

Well, the pics are acting up, but you can get the idea....

On to bad February 20 and onward.......I had a pretty crazy work schedule for this past week, and I think the Lord knew I needed to take a break. I was scheduled for 66 hours total, a lot of them in succession. Anyways, to get to the point, I only ended up working about 28 of them due to what happened on Tuesday afternoon. I worked Monday night 9 pm to 7 am the next morning, and then went immediately to my other job, where I was to work 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. I worked my shift and, of course, was completely exhausted. My husband had the car at work, so I decided to walk home, probably about half an hour's journey. I just couldn't wait to get home to get a little sleep, since I was scheduled to go to work again at 9 pm that evening. Yikes, I know, looking back at it now, it seems a little crazy. Well, I walked out of work, down the road a little bit, started to cross the first street I came to, and was promptly hit by a car. I couldn't believe it, I just kinda stood there in a bit of shock, not able to comprehend what just happened. The light was red, I was in the crosswalk, I had the walk signal......I hadn't been doing anything wrong. The driver was stopped at the light, waiting for traffic to clear so she could make a right turn. Well, she must have just been watching for cars, and not people. Anyways, I passed right in front of her car, was almost past it, when she decided the road was clear, and she accelerated to make her turn and turned right into my left leg. I looked at the car, and the driver looked right at me......and then kept driving. Never stopped, never came back. I half-walked/half-hobbled to the other side of the road, and thought, what in the world am I going to do now? I'll never be able to walk the two or so miles to my house now, my leg was in serious pain. About the time my head was flooded with lack of options, a pickup truck pulled up to the curb where I was standing. A lady got out and told me she had seen everything and she wanted to help me. My tired overworked in-shock brain was reeling, and honestly, the only thing I could think of was, great, I don't have to walk home now! I hadn't really wanted to walk home anyways, and now I was going to get a ride. Obviously, I wasn't really thinking long-term, as in ahead to the pain in my knee and how it would get worse and whatever. This wonderful lady drove me the couple miles to my house, gave me her phone number, gave a witness statement to the police. I honestly do not know what I would have done had she not been there.

Well, story being told......obviously, I could elaborate a lot more......such as of the lovely 3 1/2 hour stay in the emergency room, the ridiculous run-around with the local police, and now this knee problem I have to deal with. I canceled my work shifts for the rest of the week and tried to get some rest. I have a knee immobilizer to wear for now to keep my leg straight. The first day I could not bend it at all.......yesterday and today, it seems to be getting a little stronger, but nowhere near great, still incredible pain when it is bent more than an inch or two. Now I have to be patient, which is SO HARD for me. I don't like sitting all the time and keeping my leg up and straight, etc etc etc. The x-rays showed that is not broken, but most likely a strain or a sprain or a torn ligament at worst. I will go to the doctor next week, hopefully most of the pain and swelling will be gone by that point (indicating a strain). If it does not seem to really be getting better at all, they may refer me to an ortho surgeon to further examine it to see what may be going on. Hopefully, I will not have to get to that point, I am trying to be a good patient so that it heals up quickly. We'll see, only time can tell. The Lord did protect me, that much we know, and I am thankful that I was not injured any more than this!!!

If you know me at all, you may be thinking that I have somewhat of a knack for this, getting hit by moving vehicles, that is. :) When I was about 13, I got hit by a car in front of my house......that time was probably (ruefully) my fault and not the driver's, however. :) That time, I ended up breaking my nose, cracking a few ribs, and had a whole ton of bruising. This time, a bum bruising or breaking though. Apparently, I am a walking Yes, I can smile about it now.......when I was a kid, it really wasn't too humorous. :)

I'll try to update this as my knee gets better. For now, I have a break from work, one that my husband, and apparently God, thought I really needed.

Whew.......long post! I'll try not to let that happen again......the break b/t posts, I mean. :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

6 weird things.....only 6?

Well, I figured I would post this.......I am just having trouble deciding WHICH six things I should Anyways, here goes.......six weird things about me.....

  1. One of my most favorite foods in the whole wide world is macaroni and ketchup. Not macaroni and cheese and ketchup, as is popular, I suppose........just plain cooked macaroni with ketchup mixed in. Otherwise known as poor man's spaghetti. My husband thinks this is majorly gross.
  2. I MUST lie on my tummy to fall asleep, there is just no other way. Sometimes I will start off on my side b/c I think it might be more comfortable, but then I will just lie there not sleeping. Then I think how dumb must I be, just turn onto your tummy and you'll be fine.
  3. I like chocolate milk, but only light chocolate milk, if that makes sense. Most people make theirs pretty dark, and the stuff you buy is way too chocolatey for me. So I just squirt in a little syrup, and that is enough for me.
  4. I am very specific about my feet. They MUST be covered up while I am sleeping, but not by socks. I do not like having my feet touched by anyone other than myself. I hate wearing shoes. But I love flip flops, they are so unconfining.
  5. I am totally and completely left-handed. My poor right hand is pretty much useless except for when it must be used, as in two-hand activities, such as typing or playing the piano. But other than that, it doesn't DO anything, and yes, I have tried. This frustrated my mother to no end while I was growing up.
  6. Well, maybe this isn't weird, but I shall put it in here anyways.........I can play the piano and I have never taken lessons. And I'm actually pretty good at it, I am the pianist at my church. This is one of the things I love to do the most, I love that I can make music with my fingers.

Okay, I'm done, and I'm not too weirded out. :) I'm sure my husband would tell you a few more things, but he thinks a lot of things I do are weird b/c I am American, not Canadian. I say that's not weird, it's Anyways, enjoy!

Friday, February 2, 2007

great news

This won't matter to anyone else, but I just thought I'd post how happy I am that Brett Favre will be returning for the 2007 NFL season! Woohoo!!! Football will definitely be worth watching this season, he is awesome.

Go Pack!