Monday, March 12, 2007


More on gas prices, since I am usually so vocal about those. :)

May I say......they are......TERRIBLE!!! I don't know if they are this high everywhere. Apparently, a few weeks ago, there was a fire in an oil refinery around here or something, and ever since then, the prices have been increasing steadily, almost daily. It got to the point where I would pass a station in the morning and see one price......pass it again a couple hours later, it'd be a few cents higher. Yikes!

Anyways, as of today, prices are $1.03 a liter, roughly $3.39 a gallon in US funds. Yikes again.

What are the prices where you are?

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Anonymous said...

hmmm regular unleaded is about 2.59, so.. its gone up alot too it was around 2.20 a few weeks ago! -Kay-