Monday, March 19, 2007

good weekend

Yay for weekends!!!

On Friday night, three of Jamie's brothers came over, and we all played cards. Yep, it was four guys and one little me, but it was pretty fun. We've been doing this for the last few weeks is nice that I can get along with his brothers so well (ages 15, 17, and 19).

Saturday, Jamie had to work all day. So I was sad and moped around the house all day........not. Beth (Jamie's sister) and I went shopping!!! We went to one of the bigger malls about 35 minutes away, b/c the little thing we have in our town that is SUPPOSED to be a mall is really......well, not. :) And we are serious shoppers, therefore we cannot shop in a sorry excuse for a mall. Plus it was a good opportunity to go away for the day. I didn't do too much damage to my bank account......I got Old Navy flip flops, a cute little bag/purse, two shirts, and the cutest hoodie ever made on planet Earth! Oh, and lunch at Taco Bell, which, incidentally, we don't have in this town either. Why do we live here again? :) Overall, I'd say it was a very successful trip. I got home around 3:30, took a nap until Jamie got home around 6:00. Then it got a little dreary (but not b/c Jamie came made supper and then I had to go to work. Ick.

Sunday is always a good day. We enjoyed the Sunday morning service, and then were invited over to an older couple's home for lunch. Which, of course, we greatly enjoyed and appreciated, b/c one Sunday a month, we stay in town for the day to go to a nursing home in the afternoon (we live about 30-40 minutes away from our church). So it was very kind of them to have us over. After lunch, we went to the nursing home, and had a wonderful service with the people there. It is always encouraging to see how they look forward to the days that we come. I play the piano, and Jamie brings a small message, and they just love it. Those are always some of my favorite days. Afterwards, we went back to the older couple's home and relaxed until the evening service. The speaker in the PM service was a young man who is going to be planting a Baptist church a bit north of us. Of course, that is great to see.......Canada is in dire need of good churches. For a population of 30+ million people, there are only about 200 decent Bible-preaching fundamental churches. That is not nearly enough!! One church for every 150,000 people? Outrageous! Our church likes to support mission works in Canada for this very reason.

Today is just chillaxing day, I guess. I got a surprise box in the mail this morning from my mom, so that made my day. Jamie has an early day today, and should be home around 2:30 or so. I'm just going to rest a bit after working last night. I should also probably work on the laundry.

Prayer Requests

  1. My mama is having surgery on March 27th. It could end up being very extensive, so please pray that all goes well.
  2. My sister's baby is due pretty much any day now.
  3. I have to go to the dentist on Wednesday, due to some major pain I have been having on the left side of my mouth. I know this sounds mundane, but I hate going to the dentist more than I hate anything in the world, and I just want to try to relax. As if! But God can do it.

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