Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Spring has sprung. Or so they say. Whoever "they" are. I guess "they" are the same people who can switch Daylight Savings Time to whatever week of the year they want. Must be nice to have such power. Anyways, our spring arrived rather unobtrusively........the only way to really tell it was here was that the precipitation falling was rain instead of :) I like spring, mainly because it means that SUMMER is on the way! And what could be better than that? I have seen the weather forecast for the next week, and it indeed looks like spring will be here to stay. I actually like spring for three reasons (well, at least three that I can think of at the moment) --

  1. Tulips!! My favorite flower ever is seen everywhere.
  2. Warmer weather!! This goes without saying. Almost.
  3. Baseball season!! Go Yanks!

Anyways, enough cheerfulness. I went to the dentist today and discovered I need to have a bit of work done. Well, of course, I knew the tooth that was broken would have to have something done to it, and yep, it needs a root canal. Oh joy. As much as I am terrified of the dentist, the thought of the procedure itself did not freak me out as much as the cost did, but we will get through it, just like we do everything else. There are also a couple of small cavities that need to be filled, but the dentist said the rest of my teeth look great, which is a blessing in itself. I really did not take care of my teeth very well when I was a kid, only in the past 2-3 years have I started with that. So hopefully these will be the last of my dental woes. And I'm also going to preach at everyone I can about the importance of brushing your teeth when you're a kid. It's not just some dumb thing your mom makes you! I am very thankful, however, that it is not any worse. I have a new dentist, and he seemed pretty great (for a So I guess I have an {exciting} few weeks coming up.

Well,my cat is in the process of eating my tennis shoe, so I guess I should feed her royal highness. I hate that she has such power over

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Andrew said...

Yeah, I was sort of the same. I didn't really take care of my teeth growing up as much as I should have. (Yet I hardly ever got cavities!)

I found that flossing is rarely emphasized as much as brushing. This shouldn't be so.

I always thought flossing was to get bits of food out from between your teeth. Then I found out flossing's primary purpose is to clean out sub-gingival bacteria, as well as bacteria between teeth. Your toothbrush cannot get under the gum line on the sides of your teeth. Flossing can. It's the sub-gingival bacteria that leads to gum disease. It's important to clean out.

Two fillings later, I now know better.

(Incidentally, I went to the dentist last week for an exam. Clean bill of oral-health! Wohoo!)