Monday, April 30, 2007

3 things I have recently learned......

1. You really CAN get used to the music on the weather channel.

2. When, in fact, you finally, miraculously, find THE PERFECT pair of sunglasses, you will immediately lose them and never be able to find another pair quite as good.

3. Chapstick is great, but it doesn't go through the dryer so well. In fact, it leaves a lot of horrible stains, particularly on clothing you can't really afford to have stained, like uniform shirts. By the way, this is the second time I am learning this.......shall we go for three? :)

an obligate recycler

There's a little tree-hugger in all of us. Right? Well, at least before, it was a choice. Now we, as residents of our little town, are being forced into it. Don't get me wrong......I'm all about being eco-friendly and keeping the environment a happier and healthier place. But it's maybe getting a little ridiculous.

In order to "encourage" (read force) people into recycling more, our town is now only going to accept one bag of garbage per week from each household. Just one. People were annoyed when they set the limit at two. How does a family only have one bag of trash a week? My husband and I can usually come up with a bag just between the two of us in a week's time. Anyways, to help this endeavor, they are now coming up with more things to recycle. In addition to our glass and plastic bin, and paper and cardboard bin, we now have a green food/organic bin. It's true, people -- now we can recycle our leftovers instead of eating them! Also allowed in this bin are used Kleenex, tea bags, microwave popcorn bags, flowers, chicken bones, paper plates and napkins, HAIR (gross), cotton balls, coffee grounds, and the list goes on. However, they did take the time to remind us that we still cannot recycle items such as dirty diapers, kitty litter, McDonald's cups, twist ties, dryer lint, bandaids, and a myriad of other things. Gee thanks.

Here's what I love about this. We get to make space (read CRAM) for yet another bin in our already small and well, let's face it, jam-packed apartment for two. Plus now I get to keep lists on the refrigerator to make sure everything gets allotted to the proper bin. Because I just might forget that I can recycle a tissue but not a feminine hygiene product. I can recycle my pet's hair but not her waste. I can recycle my cooking oil, but NO other type of oil. It's gonna be fun, I can tell.

Oh, just in case you were wondering.......on the list of no-no's for recycling is (get this) dead animals. Ya think?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

birthday meme

My Birthday------July 24
1) List 3 events:

2005 -- Lance Armstrong wins his seventh consecutive Tour de France

1983 (also year of my birth!) -- George Brett, batting for the KC Royals against the NY Yankees, has a game-winning home run nullified in the "Pine Tar incident." That's what you get for trying mess with the Yankees! :)

1969 -- Apollo 11 splashes down safely in the Pacific Ocean

2) List 2 Births:

I'm not going to list just two, I'm gonna list all the ones I think are cool. :) So there.

1998 -- Bindi Irwin (Steve Irwin's daughter)
1987 -- Mara Wilson (an amazing child actress, in Matilda, Miracle on 34th St, and Mrs. Doubtfire)
1982 -- Anna Paquin
1969 -- Jennifer Lopez
1964 -- Barry Bonds (even if he is a druggie)
1963 -- Karl Malone
1949 -- Michael Richards
1897 -- Amelia Earhart
1802 -- Alexander Dumas
1783 -- Simon Bolivar
1725 -- John Newton (wrote Amazing Grace)

3) List 1 death:
1862 -- Martin van Buren, 8th US President

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

quick pic

This would be the newest addition to my sister's family, David Bryce. Looks like he's pleased to be here! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

news flash

My first nephew was born this afternoon!!! David Bryce Foster was born at 1:55 pm PST, weighing in at 8 lb, 8 oz, and measuring 21 inches long. My sister didn't have to have a C-section this time, for which she was very thankful. Since I do not live anywhere close to Oregon, I don't have pics yet, but will definitely post when I get some.

Congratulations, Chris and Jeanette!

things in Canada that are annoying me......

Canada is a decent country to live in, I suppose. I will always be a USA girl at heart, but for now, home is here. In many/most ways, it is the same as living in the States. But here are a few things that are annoying me at the moment.

1. Uncensored TV -- okay, this is more than an makes me angry. You can show what you want, say what you want, whenever you want. I was watching TV at Violet's house the other night. She only has the major networks, maybe about 20 channels or so. I was flipping through, about 9 pm or so, and there it was -- full female frontal nudity. This is prime-time television, and on a non-cable station, no less. It appalled and angered me. Honestly, I couldn't believe it. I admit that the television in the US is not much better, but this seriously bothered me. I thought about it later, and had to wonder, why did THIS in particular bother me? Why didn't that "little" curse word bother me? Why not the sexual innuendo? Why not the extra-marital affairs? Why are those things okay, just not the "BIG" things? Sin is sin, right? I know I need to be stronger in this area......I pray that God will give me the wisdom and discretion.

2. The RRRRRoll up the RRRRRRim contest at Tim Horton's (okay, this is not nearly so serious!). Why does this annoy me? Maybe because I never win ANYTHING? Oh wait, I think I won a large coffee a few weeks ago. LOL, I'm so bitter.......

3. Gas prices -- don't think I need to say anymore.

4. Word spellings -- hey, we're not in England anymore, let's spell the American way! I like centers and theaters, not centres and theatres. Dark chocolate is my favorite, but it is NOT my favourite. And don't even get me started on manoeuvre. What is that anyways?

5. The lack of stores that sell scrapbooking supplies at decent prices -- my husband is thankful for this, however. :)

6. No Rita's or Sonic.......okay, now I'm just being babyish. :)

7. Healthcare.......believe me, it is NOT much better, if at all, than the American way.

8. The way most Canadians (not my husband, of course!) are so self-absorbed..........they think they are the best country in the world, and the USA couldn't even begin to compare. Yeah, that's why only 30 million people live in their entire country, right? :) There is so much American-bashing, compared to the zero Canadian-bashing I have ever heard in the States. I guess we just don't need to talk/gossip about unimportant

P.S. Before anyone has something to say, yes, I do realize that number 8 is totally hypocritical. (smiles)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


The Yankees won their home opener on Monday!
Even with Carl Pavano starting!
They spanked those little Devil Rays, 9-5.


a bit of this and that

Here are some random tidbits from the last few days.

  1. The best way to get rid of an itch is NOT to scratch it. And that is one of the hardest things in the world to do. Let's just say, lesson learned, but unfortunately the hard :)
  2. I was coming out of Walmart this past Saturday, and some local hockey team was having a hotdog sale out front. Of course, this did not tempt me in the least, seeing as I'm not overly fond of hotdogs and will maybe eat them on the 4th of July. I passed on by, several other people were also walking by. Well, one lady who was next to me also kept walking, but then I saw her turn around and go back. I thought that the aroma of the "food" had gotten to her, but what I heard next was so funny. She went back to the stand and apologized to the lady for not buying anything. She said her kids really wanted pizza, and she was sorry she could not buy any hotdogs, but she wished she could. :) Now I've always thought I was polite, but maybe I have a little work to do.......I don't think I've ever apologized to someone for that, especially for something I wouldn't have necessarily wanted in the first place. Boo hotdogs.
  3. No baby for my sister yet.......due date has come and gone.......
  4. My mama's surgery went soooooo well!!! Like amazingly well. The surgeon was able to do it laparoscopically, which they originally thought was impossible, and she was able to go home that very same night. God is good!! If you knew how much my mother hates being in the hospital, you will know this is an extra-special blessing God gave to us. Also, they were able to test the masses right there in the operating room, and they were NOT CANCEROUS!!! This is also incredible.......although it does beg the question, why are we surprised when God answers our prayers? More faith........ She is still recovering at home.
  5. I had my oh-so-lovely root canal today. And I can actually say it wasn't that bad. I'm not a fan yet or anything, but it was definitely tolerable. I get to go back next week for a small filling, and then the next week for the rest of the procedure/torture. And then I will be good to go......and have a very expensive mouth to prove it!
  6. I did a bit of "spring" cleaning yesterday. I say spring almost tongue-in-cheek, b/c I think we have had only a few real spring days since its arrival. Tomorrow, it is supposed to snow, and then snow every day for 5-6 days. Yes, you heard that right.......they are calling for snow on Easter! That seems a bit, um, sacrilegious, almost, if you know what I mean. I guess I won't be needing an Easter dress this year, unless it's long-sleeved and made of wool. :) Anyways, about the cleaning, I went through all my clothes and came up with a big box of stuff that I persuaded myself to part with. I also cleaned up the bedroom quite a bit, did a billion loads of laundry, made the bed look pretty, etc........I am going to try to work on my husband's clothes today. Next week, I will start on the piles of junk in the living room.......aka our desks. :)

Well, I'm off to volunteer at the retirement home this afternoon. We are having a hymn sing. I guess I'll only be playing the piano singing yet for this numb mouth of mine. :)