Thursday, April 5, 2007

things in Canada that are annoying me......

Canada is a decent country to live in, I suppose. I will always be a USA girl at heart, but for now, home is here. In many/most ways, it is the same as living in the States. But here are a few things that are annoying me at the moment.

1. Uncensored TV -- okay, this is more than an makes me angry. You can show what you want, say what you want, whenever you want. I was watching TV at Violet's house the other night. She only has the major networks, maybe about 20 channels or so. I was flipping through, about 9 pm or so, and there it was -- full female frontal nudity. This is prime-time television, and on a non-cable station, no less. It appalled and angered me. Honestly, I couldn't believe it. I admit that the television in the US is not much better, but this seriously bothered me. I thought about it later, and had to wonder, why did THIS in particular bother me? Why didn't that "little" curse word bother me? Why not the sexual innuendo? Why not the extra-marital affairs? Why are those things okay, just not the "BIG" things? Sin is sin, right? I know I need to be stronger in this area......I pray that God will give me the wisdom and discretion.

2. The RRRRRoll up the RRRRRRim contest at Tim Horton's (okay, this is not nearly so serious!). Why does this annoy me? Maybe because I never win ANYTHING? Oh wait, I think I won a large coffee a few weeks ago. LOL, I'm so bitter.......

3. Gas prices -- don't think I need to say anymore.

4. Word spellings -- hey, we're not in England anymore, let's spell the American way! I like centers and theaters, not centres and theatres. Dark chocolate is my favorite, but it is NOT my favourite. And don't even get me started on manoeuvre. What is that anyways?

5. The lack of stores that sell scrapbooking supplies at decent prices -- my husband is thankful for this, however. :)

6. No Rita's or Sonic.......okay, now I'm just being babyish. :)

7. Healthcare.......believe me, it is NOT much better, if at all, than the American way.

8. The way most Canadians (not my husband, of course!) are so self-absorbed..........they think they are the best country in the world, and the USA couldn't even begin to compare. Yeah, that's why only 30 million people live in their entire country, right? :) There is so much American-bashing, compared to the zero Canadian-bashing I have ever heard in the States. I guess we just don't need to talk/gossip about unimportant

P.S. Before anyone has something to say, yes, I do realize that number 8 is totally hypocritical. (smiles)

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