Friday, May 4, 2007

a beautiful day (in more ways than one)

What a gorgeous day it is today! I must say that having warmer weather just keeps me in a great mood. So, for the benefit of those who have to put up with me, I say the weather should be warm year-round. :) I know, I know, move south...... Anyways, I set out this morning and went and got my hair cut. Then I went up to Broadway, which is the main street that has lots of little shops and vendors and stuff and just enjoyed the sunny warmness (or the warm sunniness, whatever). I wore my new sunglasses'll have to see if I grow to like these as well as the last pair. :)

The other reason today is such a beautiful, wonderful, amazing day is that as of today.........drum roll please......we are DEBT-FREE!!!!! What a huge load off our minds. I am beyond thrilled. I think we paid it off in a decent amount of time w/o being too penny-pinching. Now we can begin to save in earnest for a house/car/etc. Life is good. And the weather is warm. And Spiderman 3 opens in the theater today (another great part of the day). Yeah, I'm a freak, I know.

The only thing that could possibly make this a better day would be if a Rita's suddenly opened up in our town. Yummy. You PA people know what I'm talking about. Fortunately, I'll be there in two weeks to partake in the goodness. Yummy. :)


Anne said...

I know the feeling when you pay off a debt... good job to both of you:o). As to the Rita's, would you believe I've only had one so far??? And Rita's has been opened for two months now! Enjoy each bite of your Rita's... when you get it!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Anne! I'll be in PA next week......woohoo!!