Friday, June 8, 2007

in case anyone cares

I finished two of my books (from the previous post). Yay me! What a lot of good three days off from work can do. I even did the dishes, laundry, and vacuuming, so the housework was not even suffering in the meantime (I shall refrain from adding 'like it normally is'

We are having missions conference this week at church, so we have been going to that every night. Tonight after the service, we went out to Montana's with our pastor, the guest speaker, and a few missionary families that are attending the conference. It is always nice to have that time of fellowship. And of course, it is always nice to get apple butter rib tips at Montana's.......yummy!

James has an interview with the Ontario Provincial Police on Thursday (the 14th). If he makes it through that successfully, he will finally be a cop! He works for the OPP now as a cadet (kinda like a cop-in-training), but this would be the final step. The officers and recruiting staff he works with seem to think there's about a 99% chance that he'll get it. If he does get it, however, he will have to go to police college for a little over four months -- that's five days a week, only able to come home on the weekends, as it is not exactly local. I'm not overly abounding with joy at that prospect, but I guess I have to think long-term. Also, depending no where he would get posted, a move could also be in the works for us as well.

Other than that, we are both just staying busy and enjoying our lovely spring/summer weather. This is definitely about my favorite time of the year. Now if only Rita's would come to town.........I guess I can dream, can't I?

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Anne said...

The last Rita's I had was a week and a half ago... I'm going through withdrawal right now so I can definitely relate:o)