Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sunburn, job offers, and shoe shopping

So, yeah, the title pretty much says it all. Continue reading only if you want the boring details. :)

1. Sunburn -- yep, I got it!! And I'm excited about it. If only b/c it will soon become a tan and that means I won't be bright white any longer. I even wore a tank top so I wouldn't have a farmer's tan, but alas, I forgot about my pink breast cancer band, so now I have a nice white one to go along with the pink. Anyways, it was fun to get, too -- Jamie and I went kayaking today. I had never been before, and it was pretty amazingly fun. That is, it was fun after I freaked out for the first 10 minutes about how I was going to fall out. :) Yeah, it was fun after that. Good times, we are definitely going again!

2. Job offers -- not for me, but for Jamie! He's now an official full-time police officer for the Ontario Provincial Police. He has been working toward this for quite some time.....and the day has finally arrived. Taco Bell to celebrate! Well, actually, Taco Bell pretty much anytime we feel like it, but whatever. :) He starts August 27.......has to go away to school for 4-ish months. And we don't have to move!!! They could have posted him anywhere in Ontario, but they kept him right here at the detachment he has been working at for the past year. Good all around!

3. Shoe shopping -- hasn't actually been done yet, but is in the works for this weekend! I was in Walmart picking up some pictures and started looking at the shoes. Before I knew it, I tried on about 25 pairs of sandals/flip flops and decided it was so super addicting that I definitely need to do some more of that and soon! I do happen to need tennis shoes, so I'm sure I can throw in a couple of pairs of flip flops too. :) Yay summer!!!

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