Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a good month (and my 100th post)

July has always been my favorite month. It's a little selfish, but oh well. :) Favorites are selfish to begin with. Anyways, here are the great happenings of July 2007.

July 1 -- Canada Day and my brother-in-law David's birthday -- he turned 12.

July 2 -- my sister-in-law Tabitha's birthday -- she turned 14

July 4 -- Happy Independence Day!

July 8 -- James' grandmother's birthday -- we won't mention her age :)

July 11 -- my in-laws' anniversary -- celebrated 27 years

July 20 -- my dad-in-law's birthday -- the BIG 5-0!

July 23 -- our wedding anniversary -- celebrated 2 years!

July 24 -- I turned 24! And yes, that makes me feel old!

July 28 -- my sister-in-law Beth's birthday -- she turned 22

July 31 -- rounding out the month of July is the brand new addition to the family. James' mom gave birth to a baby boy named Daniel this morning around 2:30 am. Yippee, another July birthday!!!

As you can see, we are celebrating practically every other day in July. August only has a couple, and then pretty much nothing until November. Funny how that works out. So I love July! Plus, this month found us doing many other fun activities, lots of working, dinners out, and appointments. A very busy and a very good life.

P.S. I made it to 100 posts......a miracle in itself. :-D


Anne said...

Wow! Congratulations on making it through the month:o). No joke about celebrating every other day;o). Happy belated birthday too... I knew it was in July, I just couldn't remember the *when*:o).

Melissa said...

thanks, Anne :)

August is slightly better....only four birthdays. And then none til November. Except a new niece to be born sometime in between then.

C.F.B said...

You know I think that July is the most expensive month of the year...I am actually thinking that it almost beats December!

Abbi said...

Happy Birthday to you, too! As you already saw, my son shares the same birthday. Only I see you celebrated your "golden" birthday this year (24 on the 24th).

We have the same crazy birthday/event month in our family too. For us, it's May, which happens to be a "regularly" busy month with the end of school beginning of spring/summer. And now October is picking up in my extended family too. Thank the Lord for the slow months, right?!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!