Thursday, July 19, 2007

so it has been 10 days.....

I have not felt the need to post anything in a while. Summer is a busy time, a great time, the best season in my opinion, and there is usually something way more fun to be doing than sitting at the computer and blogging about my life (or lack of one). :)

Hmmmm, what's new? Well, I got my new Chris Rice CD in the mail today!!! I preordered it (yep, I'm a geek) and it actually came the week it was released, shockingly enough. It is even autographed!!! If you've never heard of Chris Rice or heard any of his music, then you are definitely missing out! Check it out here! (Click on LISTEN). His lyrics and music are amazing.

Other great stuff -- my anniversary and birthday are coming up in a few days here. If you'd like to contribute a gift, message me and I'll gladly give you my address. :) LOL!

Mostly, I am just working a ton, working on the big scrapbook here and there, hanging with my husband, and celebrating tons of family events. My mother-in-law hasn't had the baby yet, so I guess that will be the next big news item. Oh, and I'm working on being able to fly out to Oregon in the fall to see my awesome sister!!!

Ok, done!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You are a wonderful sister!