Saturday, August 18, 2007

update on life that all the summer birthdays and events have tapered off, life has become a bit dull (AKA I'm working And the summer is beginning to come to an end, which saddens me immensely. It's only the middle of August, but already I can feel the change in weather and the shortening of the days. It didn't get light until after 6am this morning, and it is not even supposed to get up to 70 degrees today! Excuse me while I go mourn the loss of the wonderful sunny warm weather!

Anyways, life is still happening, even if it is dull.

1. James is going away to Ontario Police College in just a tad over a week. He will be gone Monday to Friday for about 16 weeks. I am very thankful that he has been able to get a ride to his destinations (over 2 hours away), which means I will be able to keep the car to get myself around town and to work and such. That is, if the car decides it will keep running (see #2).

2. Ah, the car! The good old 1993 Saturn that has serviced us so well for so many miles and trips. Something is wrong with it. It overheated majorly yesterday (wasn't even hot out), and it appears that either the thermostat or the water pump may be broken? I know next to nothing about cars -- my knowledge consists of insert key, start car, drive :) But I did know there was something wrong with it, just didn't know what. It is at the repair shop now, waiting to be fixed, if it will be worth the $$ to do so. Meanwhile, we are car-less and pretty much option-less at this point. Haha, I make it sound so dramatic.

3. I bought myself a plane ticket to go out west and see my sister and her family in November! That's a bit of exciting news, I have never been to see where she lives. And since James will be away, and doesn't really dig girly things and babies anyways, it's a perfect chance for me to go. I also got a ride into Buffalo, so I can fly out of there instead of Toronto. You wouldn't think traveling a couple of hours to another airport could make such a big difference in price, but it does -- to the tune of $400! I am definitely okay with that kind of savings!

4. Niece #7 should be making her entrance in the next couple of weeks. Yay for being an aunt again!

5. I have hit yet another wall in the process of trying to become a fully licensed registered nurse in the province of Ontario. My test date has been delayed yet again, this time to Jan/Feb 2008. I am getting a little discouraged by this time, it seems to have taken forever to get to this point, and it feels I am still no further along. I guess I should just be thankful to be able to work and that we both have steady sources of income. I just hope I don't lose all the knowledge I worked my butt off to learn!

6. Jamie's grandparents celebrated 50 years of marriage last weekend, so there was a big open house and extended family get-together. It was actually a pretty nice time......sometimes I loathe these events, b/c I am not a huge fan of chit-chatting with people I don't know overly well. But all went well. It was James' mom's side of the family, and they are mostly pretty nice people, easy to talk to and all that. It was a long day, and I was glad it had finally arrived, b/c that meant I was completely DONE with their scrapbook! Thankfully, they really liked it -- I could tell it meant a lot to them -- that always makes you feel like the time you spent was not wasted! Most all the children and grandchildren were able to be there (missed you, Cheryl!), and overall, it was a pleasant day.

7. We went to an OPP party the other night and socialized with all the cops. Yeah, it never hurts to be on their good side, right? :) I thought it might be awkward, seeing as I don't know most of them, but it was a good time, and they even made me feel included. James works with a good group of guys, so we are definitely thankful for that!

Well, if you don't care about the tiny details of our lives, then I'm sure this post bored you to death. Sorry about that! I just felt like writing something newsy, as opposed to philosophical (it's too early in the morning for one of those!). Come back again, maybe I'll dig up something that is intelligent and meaningful (ya never know!).

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I am really praying about your license and I think you need prayer for your car as well!