Tuesday, September 18, 2007

busy busy

I have had a very long 26 hours. ;) Let's just say I'm thankful I'll be paid for 17.5 of those hours!

I went to work at 9pm last night, worked (well, babysat overnight, which we all know isn't really working) til 7am the next morning. Skedaddled from there to my next job, where I started at 7:30am. Worked there until 3:30pm, and yes, this job really IS work. :) And for those who are wondering, yes, my hair was looking rather pathetic by this point.......lol.

Hmmmm, one would think that as soon as the clock hit 3:30, I'd be out the door and home in the 4 and a half minutes it takes to drive there, and in bed sound asleep by oh, say, 3:44 or so. But such is not the case when one has a shopping date with one of her (many) sisters-in-law!!!! I'd say the prospect of an evening out shopping does much to rejuvenate the spirits!!

So I showered, and we left around 4:30......ran around Brampton looking for good deals......didn't find too too many. Well, I did get two skirts for a grand total of seven dollars and something, so that was ok. But we talked and talked and talked and managed to squeeze in dinner, which was amusing in its own way. :-D

It is now 11pm and I need to go to bed. Badly. But apparently not badly enough that I couldn't take the time to tell the world about it on my blog first........lol.



Anonymous said...

I am proud of you for posting within two days :) AND, I LOVE Your comments, I'm glad to know SOMEONE's reading my blog! haha

Anne said...

Your right... shopping with one's sister-in-law goes a far way in making one's spirit bright again:o).