Tuesday, September 25, 2007

cooking questions

I found these questions to answer on Susan's blog, so I thought I would post my answers in case anyone is curious about my cooking abilities, or lack thereof. :) I would just like to note, for the record, that I have only really been cooking for a little over two years......I started right after we got married. I like to think that I have gotten better, though!

So what kind of cook are you? Meat-and-potatoes? Gourmet? Or somewhere in between?
wellllll, I don't know that I am any one type......my husband likes to have meat at every meal (I would cook vegetarian if I could!).......I guess I will say I am a fan of simple but very tasty cooking.

What's your favorite cookbook/cooking magazine?
I love Taste of Home, of course, and I also like the Company's Coming series of cookbooks

What is usually in your pantry, your staple ingredients that you can't do without?
tomato sauce, some sort of flour, rice, lots of pasta, and there are always fresh mushrooms in the fridge -- we put them in everything!

What is your favorite type of dish to cook: main dish, sides, breads, desserts?
definitely desserts -- I love baking way more than cooking!

Do you have a signature recipe, one that everyone knows you for?
haha, well, here in Canada, people think all my PA recipes are original, like pickled eggs.....lol. No, really, everyone loves my chocolate chip cookies and people at church are constantly asking for them. So I guess that would be it.

What's your favorite appliance or gadget that you couldn't get along without?
my smoothie maker!!!!

And finally, what is your husband's favorite recipe that you fix? You know, the one that says "I love you - this is especially for you!"
well, it's always a good night for him when I make lasagna, but his recent favorite is Chicken Bruschetta Bake. And I love it a lot, b/c it's way easier and less time-consuming than lasagna.

So there you have it! The confessions of an amateur cook!


Anonymous said...

Well what about that wonderful taco soup???? Yummmmy

Susan said...

I would cook more vegetables if Wes liked them more, but I don't know that I'd ever become a vegetarian - I love meat too much! ;) There are lots and lots of vegetarians here in Vancouver, so much so that we've had people get angry with us when they ask if our church believes in eating meat.

Thanks so much for participating, Melissa!

Mrs.T said...

Thanks for sharing, Melissa! I thought your answers were great -- I love reading about how others cook!