Sunday, September 16, 2007


I just wanted to do a little post and say what a blessing my church and the people in it are to me. Yes, I go to a small church, and yes, sometimes I wish it were bigger, but overall, I am blessed beyond measure.

My husband started going to our church about a year before we were married, and we have gone there faithfully ever since. Despite normal ups and downs, we are excited about the work there and excited about all the growth and activities. It is often hard to start in a new church, but I have honestly felt accepted from day one.

I am thankful to have a pastor, who, along with being an amazing and dynamic speaker, is a genuine live-it-every-day-of-his-life Christian. I am thankful to have a pastor's wife who never fails to make us feel welcome in her home. I am thankful that the both of them have taken it upon themselves to help us out whenever and wherever they can. I am thankful to be the pianist in a church where no apology is made for good solid Christian music. I am thankful to be able to go every Sunday and hear a message preached from the heart of God's Word. I am thankful for church members who are ever friendly, ever loving, ever hospitable. I am thankful to have found a place that has beliefs that are almost identical to mine/ours. I am thankful for this season of our lives while we attend Brampton International Baptist Church. Although I know, undoubtedly, someday we will be called elsewhere when we have to move, for now this is our church, this is our home, and we are extremely grateful for it.


Anonymous said...

That is a really beautiful post!

Kay said...

I'm glad you found a home in Canada. we miss you back in the states!