Monday, September 24, 2007

update on sadness

I just wanted to post this in case anyone was wondering what was going on with these two situations. It is good news in one instance, and not so great in the other.

The good news is that Joe has officially woken up from his coma and is in a rehabilitation facility. He is making amazing progress every day, more than anyone would have ever thought. Again, this brings to mind the question, why are we surprised when God answers our prayers? Just a thought. Anyways, he has started to respond to others, started to talk again, and started to follow more commands. He is re-learning a lot of daily activities, such as getting dressed, tying shoes, brushing teeth, etc. The stroke was on the left side of his brain, so the right side of his body is affected. Although the right side is not completely immobile, he is having a lot of trouble doing anything with that side. Obviously, his journey through this is far from over, and prayers are still needed and appreciated. But it is so great to hear all the encouraging news!

On the other side of things, Violet is not doing nearly as well. After being in the hospital for the better part of a month, the doctors finally delivered the news that no one wanted to hear. Violet went through colon cancer years ago, and now apparently it is back, and has spread to her lungs. Because of her age, the doctors will not operate, and chemo is not really an option. All this to say that they believe she only has a few weeks or months to live. This is a hard burden to bear......for me, yes, but so much more so for her caring family. I realize that she is elderly and older people die and that is how life goes, but it is never an easy thing to accept when you are told such a thing about YOUR mother. I am praying for opportunities for me to be a testimony, to be a strong support in this difficult time. Violet is at home now, where she will live out the remainder of her days, so I will be taking care of her to the end. We cannot always understand the whys in life, but I believe that something good can come of this. If you think of it, please pray for me as I try to be encouraging and show her family the power of God's love.


Anonymous said...

First of all, Thank you for your blog comments.

Secondly, I'll pray for that lady you take care of. I hope things work out with both of those situations

C.F.B said...

Don't we serve an awesome God...I think a lot of our doubt comes from thinking that some things are impossible for God when nothing is impossible for God.
I will be praying for this lady and her family and well as for you. Praying that the Lord will use you greatly to bring His Word to a family that so badly needs to hear it and have hope!