Wednesday, October 31, 2007

pictures of me meme

Well, this kinda looked like fun, so I stole it from Abbi's blog.....hope she doesn't mind. :) It's not too difficult -- just post a current pic of yourself, and also a childhood one too, if you so desire (since most of us looked better back then). And since I don't have kids to keep track of (yet), I can sift through pictures and make sure I post one where I am at my absolute :) So, if you want to steal this from me, definitely go ahead --- I wanna see your pics!

So, what do you think? Personally, I don't see that I have changed all that

this is from this summer, maybe July?
a much younger and much balder version of me :-D

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


These are some cute fall pics of my niece and nephew, Gabi and David. Who doesn't like adorable pictures of kids? And if you don't, well, then......

Monday, October 29, 2007

do you really love God?

Our pastor preached an excellent message last night on the topic "how much do we really love God?". He used the passage in John 21 when Jesus was asking Peter if he loved Him. Although Peter kept insisting to the Lord that he indeed did love Him, he was talking about a different kind of love. Jesus asked Peter if he "agape" loved him, as in the most perfect, Godly love of all. And Peter kept responding, "Yes, Lord, I 'phileo' love You," which is the Greek word for brotherly, or familiar love. In other words, Jesus asked Peter, "do you love me?", and Peter would answer, "Yes, Lord, I like You." Ouch. What a blow. No wonder Jesus kept asking. Imagine a boy says to his girlfriend, "I love you," and she responds, "Yeah, I like you, too." Peter must have really hurt Jesus with his replies.

And I wonder, really, how much do I love God? Do I say I love Him and do nothing about it? I love my husband, therefore, I work at our relationship and try to do things that would please him and make him happy. Do I take my relationship with God for granted and never work at it, because, let's face it, He's never going to stop loving me like some human would. Do I make an effort to do things that would please God? Sadly, the answer to all these questions is sometimes yes, and that is not the way it should be!! I should love Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, above all, above any other human, above any other thing in my life. I am really going to start praying that I would love Jesus more, that He will always be number one in my life, and that everyone around me will know it!

I wanted to put these words in from one of my favorite songs. This is part of the chorus, and it is Jesus speaking. Just to realize that Jesus loved us that much -- I don't think we can ever fully understand it. And I don't think we have to understand it, it is what we do with it. What we need to do is accept His love, accept His forgiveness and grace, and love Him with everything we are. (Lyrics are courtesy of Mac Powell and Third Day.)

I know that you don't understand the fullness of My love,
How I died upon the cross for your sins;
And I know that you don't realize how much that I'd give you,
But I promise, I would do it all again.
Just to be with you, I've done everything,
There's no price I did not pay,
Just to be with you, I gave everything,
Yes, I gave my life away.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

things that have been on my mind.....

1. Well, the candle mentioned in this post has bit the dust.....quite literally. Ironic? I think not. :) Two days after the hot wax incident, my husband was vacuuming (yes, I said my husband was actually vacuuming) and accidentally hit the coffee table with the vacuum. Not even very hard, but the candle (one of those big jar ones) fell off and shattered into millions of tiny pieces. At first, I was a little sad b/c it smelled really good and those kinds of candles aren't exactly cheap. But then, I thought, good riddance. Die, evil candle, die!!!

2. Wanna talk about irony? Well, almost five months after I had my wallet stolen, I find out that the person who took it actually used one of my credit cards!!! Obviously, I had canceled this card almost immediately after I knew it was gone, but apparently, I wasn't fast enough. The thief bought about $150 worth of gas with it, bless their little heart. :) I thought because I had canceled it and told them the time and date it was stolen, then all charges after that time should be canceled as well. But apparently, my brain is a little ahead of theirs or something. Not once in the five months did I receive a statement from the credit card company that said here is how much you owe. It was only after four months of nonpayment that I receive a notice that says why haven't you paid your balance for the last four months? Needless to say, I was shocked that there even was a balance, as I don't even think I have used this card in more than a year. Also, the new card with the new account number that they sent me after cancelling the old one was still in the envelope it came in and had never even been activated. All this to say, I had to spend many hours on the phone trying to straighten this out, and I think maybe it is now all fixed. Lesson learned -- and someone got $150 of gas courtesy of Capital One. Next thing I know, my husband will be getting a phone call that I was doing 128 in an 80 zone b/c someone is using my stolen driver's license!!!

3. Today, I realized more and more how much I don't fit into a worldly workplace. That is not to say I can't get along there, but I really am not liking it more and more. I work with a lady who is probably close to my parents' age -- I usually have a good time working with her and we get along rather well. But today, something happened that made me lose all respect for her whatsoever. It saddened me, really. I was being questioned by the supervisor about something that had occurred earlier that day. Even though I knew the supervisor would have a problem with what I said, I told her the truth about what had happened. The super then turned to this lady I work with and asked her about it. She proceeded to out-and-out lie about what happened, all the while looking at me with a straight face. The supervisor looked at me triumphantly and said, see, you were wrong, etc etc etc. I looked this woman in the eyes for a few seconds, thinking maybe she would retract her story, but nothing. So it ended up that I got in trouble and she didn't, even though we were both equally responsible. A few minutes later, we were working together out of earshot of the super, and she said to me, you shouldn't have told her that, you might get in a lot of trouble now. Just tell her what she wants to hear. I told her that I don't lie and I wasn't planning on lying about it. She shrugged and said, well, it's your butt. And she's right, it is, and I can take care of myself and defend myself, but it was all I could do to kick down my human nature -- b/c I really felt like running to the supervisor and telling her, it's a lie! She lied to you! But I really didn't think that would accomplish much of anything, and it really wasn't my place to tattle on her, seeing as we are all adults and can make our own choices. It just really bothered me in a lot of ways. Not that I had infinite amounts of respect for her before, but now it's down to zero. But this is the worldly mindset -- do what you have to in order to please the boss, even if it involves sin -- do only what you have to in order to get by --talk behind each other's backs at every opportunity -- and the list goes on and on. While I am definitely not perfect, I AM a Christian, and it is my business to make sure my work is honest and thorough. And while I am not happy about the situation today, I AM happy that it bothered me......because if it hadn't, I would be in a really bad place. We are to be in the world and not of it.

And that is the state of my rambling mind today......

Friday, October 19, 2007


....a post that has the potential to turn into something that is worth :-D

Anyways, a little update on what I've been doing as of late (besides watching Gilmore Girls and eating and sleeping and working and stuff -- none of those things hold much interest in the way of blogging about them.....except maybe watching GG....okay, I'm off on a rabbit trail already!). Back to the point.

Thanksgiving was last Monday, and James got to be home for an extra day, so that is always a blessing. We had a big dinner at his parents' house, including his parents (duh, they live there), the nine kids that still live at home, Cheryl in from Ottawa, Rachel in from her apartment down the street from ours, me and James, Liz, and Opa and Oma. Needless to say, we had a serious feast, full of all the Thanksgiving trimmings. James had to leave pretty soon after dinner, after we had a time of prayer and thanksgiving. I stayed however, and I don't think I ended up leaving until almost midnight. We played lots of games and talked and held the baby and talked and ate more pie and talked. Oh yeah, and Cheryl gave the baby a bath, even under dire warnings that she might accidentally drown, sorry, inside joke. :-D

I should have left a bit sooner, b/c I had to come home and clean and pack yet, but time spent with family is never wasted. I just got to sleep a little less. In the morning, I got all my junk together and tried to straighten up the place before I left --note, tried. Never said I succeeded. :) Rachel and Cheryl picked me up around 10am and off we went to the capital city of all of Canada. That would be Ottawa for those of you who failed history and geography.

I must say, it was really fun to have a just girl's vacation, almost like being in college again! It rained a lot of the week and we didn't really do too much touristy stuff, but that was fine by us!! Mostly, we shopped and ate and shopped and ate and played games and watched TV/movies and played with the kitty and ate and all the stuff you wish you could just do every day instead of having to go to work and actually be responsible for your life. :-D Thanks, Cheryl, for letting us come and invade your space.

Things I learned on this trip:

  1. Pringles cans are not just for eating chips out of. :)
  2. I really can do cross-stitch!!
  3. Rachel always wins Scrabble....I think the key is to take 3o minutes with every turn, so by the time the other people get to go, they're so annoyed with having to wait, they just play any old word, regardless of the point value.
  4. You can never really watch too many episodes of Gilmore Girls.
  5. Coke is super-addicting.
  6. Everyone really is fat -- we all have a chunk somewhere.
  7. When everyone else is making fun of you and laughing at you, it is the kitty who will bring you comfort.
  8. I can make my lasagna without the recipe!
  9. Rachel and Cheryl can now go into La Senza without blushing and maybe actually even enjoy themselves.
  10. The only time you will have go to the washroom is when there is not one around.
  11. Medical humor is not appreciated by everyone.
  12. I have some of the coolest sisters around!!!!

I won't bore you with pics of the science museum we went to, but here is a pic of the three of us at Denny's. The trip was too short and definitely something we will have to do again!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Just a quick post, been too lazy to think of anything and actually type it out. ;-D The story of my life..... Anyways, here is a picture of one of my (seven) nieces. This is Olivia in the middle of her first haircut. :) I don't think she was overly impressed. She's cute, though!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

been away for a while.....

.....and I still really don't have time to update this!! :) After Thanksgiving, I went to Ottawa with Cheryl and Rachel to visit Cheryl and see where she lives and make her life happier. :-D Just got back last night, so I'll post a little about the trip sometime soon!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a very very very cute picture of my nephew. Enjoy!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

up to my ears in pumpkin (and candle wax)


Thanksgiving is on Monday, and I am getting ready by making all the pumpkin pies!!! Pie number four is in the oven, and the house smells heavenly. I should really make them more often, if only to get the aroma. We are having dinner at James' parents' house, I guess there will be 16 or 17 people -- the more, the merrier. And (ahem) there are a couple of other creatures in the house who really love when I make pumpkin pie -- Harry and Spencer. Actually, this was Harry's first experience with it, since he is only six months old, but he loves it just as much as his big sister! They go crazy over pumpkin -- sit at attention in the kitchen and purr approvingly as I work. They love the taste of pumpkin for whatever reason.....not even the sweetened stuff.....they eat the raw stuff like it's a steak or a piece of fish or something. :) It's kinda cute to watch. (In case anyone was wondering, Harry and Spencer are my cats......not

About the candle wax.....

Well, it seems like stupid things always happen to me......and there is always someone around to witness these events too (of course). Beth came over yesterday after work, and we were getting ready to head out to the grocery store. I had some candles burning, so I figured I'd better blow them out before we left.....just in case, ya know. I think it would have been safer this time to leave them Anyways, Beth tried to blow out the one on the coffee table, and it didn't go out, even after two big puffs. I was like, stand back, I got this. And get it, I did. :-D I blew with a huff and a puff and all that fairy tale nonsense, and yeah, the candle definitely went out, but I ended up with a faceful of hot liquid wax!! I screamed, b/c I was so ready for it to burn me, but it didn't seem that hot after all. It solidified pretty much right away, and I was left with a green wax pock-marked face......looked kinda ghoulish or snotty or whatever.....when I saw it in the mirror, I definitely had to was really funny. Beth was relieved that I wasn't hurt, so she thought it was okay to laugh too (which it wasn', j/k) and also thought it would be a good idea to take a pic. However, I didn't exactly agree with that idea, so no pic -- sorry for all those of you who wanted to see me with a spotty green face. Thankfully, I didn't burn my eyes or anything, I think it could have been so much worse.

After scrubbing my face (and removing all the makeup I had just so carefully applied), we headed out to the store and returned home without incident -- had a wonderful dinner and watched a movie. I, however, could not bring myself to light the candle again. Maybe another day. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October is here again....

Another year has come and gone. October is here -- and it is breast cancer awareness month. I think probably everyone knows someone who has been affected by this awful disease, if not dealing with it firsthand in their circle of family and/or friends. It hits especially close to home for me, as my mom was diagnosed in January 2006, and has been dealing with it ever since.

My mom is the strongest person I have ever known. If you had any idea of how much she has been through in her life, healthwise, you would understand what I'm talking about. Through it all, she continues on with life -- not just existing, but carrying on with many activities like a whirlwind -- she's a redhead after all. :) I love my mom, I am so proud to be her daughter. I definitely pray that God will give me the strength to be one tenth the wonderful woman that my mother is.

No one knows what the future holds for any of us, and I know that God has a perfect plan for my mom. I just really want her to stick around for say, 40 or 50 more years.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

live the life

I know I do a lot of posts on song lyrics, but music really speaks to me, and I think it says things in a way that I never could. Haha, that could be why I'm not a lyricist..... Anyways, I just love the words to this song -- it points out how our actions as a Christian speak way louder than our words ever could. We can say we're a Christian, but does the way we live our life say that as well? I have heard of so many cases, and personally encountered, where a person will be so closed to or turned off by Christianity b/c the "Christians" they know aren't living it. They act just like the world, and are Christian in name only. How can we expect to win the world when we act just like them, only claiming the name of Christ with our lips? I challenge you to live the life.....

We're passengers aboard the train,
Silent little lambs amidst the pain,
That's no longer good enough;
And when it's time to speak our faith,
We use a language no one can explain,
That's no longer good enough.

And God knows it's a shame,
As we look to pass the flame,
We are not the worthy bearers of his name.

For the world to know the truth,
There can be no greater proof
Than to live the life, live the life,
There's no live that's quite as pure,
There's no pain we can't endure
If we live the life, live the life,
Be a light for all to see,
For every act of love will set you free.

There's something beautiful and bold,
The power of a million human souls
Come together as one;
And each in turn goes out to lead
Another by his word, his love, his deed,
Now the circle is done.

And it all comes back to one,
For it is He and He alone
Who has lived the only perfect life we've known.

For the world to know the truth,
There can be no greater proof
Than to live the life, live the life;
There's no love thats quite as pure,
There's no pain we can't endure
If we live the life, live the life;
Be a light for all to see,
For every act of love will set you free.

lyrics and music by Michael W. Smith