Friday, October 19, 2007


....a post that has the potential to turn into something that is worth :-D

Anyways, a little update on what I've been doing as of late (besides watching Gilmore Girls and eating and sleeping and working and stuff -- none of those things hold much interest in the way of blogging about them.....except maybe watching GG....okay, I'm off on a rabbit trail already!). Back to the point.

Thanksgiving was last Monday, and James got to be home for an extra day, so that is always a blessing. We had a big dinner at his parents' house, including his parents (duh, they live there), the nine kids that still live at home, Cheryl in from Ottawa, Rachel in from her apartment down the street from ours, me and James, Liz, and Opa and Oma. Needless to say, we had a serious feast, full of all the Thanksgiving trimmings. James had to leave pretty soon after dinner, after we had a time of prayer and thanksgiving. I stayed however, and I don't think I ended up leaving until almost midnight. We played lots of games and talked and held the baby and talked and ate more pie and talked. Oh yeah, and Cheryl gave the baby a bath, even under dire warnings that she might accidentally drown, sorry, inside joke. :-D

I should have left a bit sooner, b/c I had to come home and clean and pack yet, but time spent with family is never wasted. I just got to sleep a little less. In the morning, I got all my junk together and tried to straighten up the place before I left --note, tried. Never said I succeeded. :) Rachel and Cheryl picked me up around 10am and off we went to the capital city of all of Canada. That would be Ottawa for those of you who failed history and geography.

I must say, it was really fun to have a just girl's vacation, almost like being in college again! It rained a lot of the week and we didn't really do too much touristy stuff, but that was fine by us!! Mostly, we shopped and ate and shopped and ate and played games and watched TV/movies and played with the kitty and ate and all the stuff you wish you could just do every day instead of having to go to work and actually be responsible for your life. :-D Thanks, Cheryl, for letting us come and invade your space.

Things I learned on this trip:

  1. Pringles cans are not just for eating chips out of. :)
  2. I really can do cross-stitch!!
  3. Rachel always wins Scrabble....I think the key is to take 3o minutes with every turn, so by the time the other people get to go, they're so annoyed with having to wait, they just play any old word, regardless of the point value.
  4. You can never really watch too many episodes of Gilmore Girls.
  5. Coke is super-addicting.
  6. Everyone really is fat -- we all have a chunk somewhere.
  7. When everyone else is making fun of you and laughing at you, it is the kitty who will bring you comfort.
  8. I can make my lasagna without the recipe!
  9. Rachel and Cheryl can now go into La Senza without blushing and maybe actually even enjoy themselves.
  10. The only time you will have go to the washroom is when there is not one around.
  11. Medical humor is not appreciated by everyone.
  12. I have some of the coolest sisters around!!!!

I won't bore you with pics of the science museum we went to, but here is a pic of the three of us at Denny's. The trip was too short and definitely something we will have to do again!


Jessica said...

Ok, I scrolled back up to the top of your post TWICE to check the date while I was reading!! Then I remembered that you are in Canada (At least I think that is right?) So I come to the conclusion that yall must have Thanksgiving REALLY early there!! LOL!! I'm so blounde!! :)

I am also a little curious about what other uses there are for a Pringles can!! LOL!! :)

And I think that the comment that you made about "Everyone really is fat -- we all have a chunk somewhere." is just HILARIOUS!!! LOL!!! :)

Hope your having a good day!!

Jessica said...

...and now that I read the title of your blog, I feel even more blounde. DUH! Of course you are in Canada!! LOL!! (Oh, this being sick has apparently REALLY got to my head)

Anonymous said...

Boy did I ever laugh when I read this! Yes Pringle cans are awesome and useful tools especially on a long distance trip!
Boy did we have fun! Miss you Melie!

Melissa said...

LOL to the blonde comments, Jessica!! :-D Sounds likes something I would say. I know I confused people with the whole Thanksgiving thing....they weirdly have it on Columbus Day up here. Don't ask me, I'm American.

And I don't know if you really want to know about the Pringles can thing....

P.S. Miss you too, Cheryl!

Desiree' said...

Thanks for commenting on my "My Gal" post. I have enjoyed reading your blog as well.


Rachel said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun!! :) Girl time with sis-in-laws is always cool. My only sisters are the ones by marriage, and we just have lots of fun and silliness whenever we get together!