Friday, November 30, 2007

home again!

Well, I made it home in one piece, and what do you know -- there was snow when I got here!!! Typical Canada....

Anyways, I just wanted to do a quick post and say that the Christmas giveaway contest is now closed. Thanks for all the participation, I am definitely overwhelmed. :) Arlene suggested I have my giveaway advertised by Laura, and I guess that really worked. I am going to have to head over to each and every one of your blogs to meet you and read about y'all!

Watch for the winner to be announced very soon.....

Saturday, November 17, 2007


*****EDITED -- This contest is now closed. No more comments will be accepted at this time -- we will leave it at 51 and draw a winner!!!*****

I am sponsoring a little giveaway in honor of the Christmas season and the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I hope I get a lot of participation!!! I will ship to any of the 50 states and all of Canada -- sorry, no other countries. Anyways, here is what I am planning on giving away -- but who knows, I might throw in something else when the time comes to send it. :)

1. a box of chocolatey chai tea -- this is my new favorite drink!!!
2. a box of dark chocolate mint candy canes
3. a pair of penguin socks
4. a little striped mitten Christmas ornament
5. a cute stuffed snowman -- you can hang him on your tree or sit him wherever
6. a little gingerbread man picture, also can be used as an ornament -- hand-stitched by ME!

Anyways, here's what ya gotta do. It's pretty easy -- just leave a comment to enter! In the comment, please mention your name and your favorite Christmas treat. Oh, and tell your friends. If you have a blog, I would ask that you put up a post and link to this giveaway so others can enter also! If you don't have a blog, obviously don't worry about that.

I am going on vacation tomorrow for a little while, so I won't be around to pick the winner for a bit. That means you have a LOT of time to enter and tell other people. I will be home on November 30, and I will probably pick the winner and post it on December 1.

I am expecting to come home and see a lot of comments, so don't disappoint me. :)

confirming what we already know.....

You Failed Your Driver's Test

You only got 5/10 correct.

If you have a driver's license, it needs to be revoked!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Is it really possible for a person to work 137 hours in the space of two weeks? Well, of course, the answer is YES, it is humanly possible, but definitely NOT recommended. At least, I don't recommend it if you like to do other things besides work and sleep. Despite working allllll those hours, here are some things I was able to fit in in my "spare time":

***made a pan of lasagna
***went to my in-laws for dinner and talking and all that
***went to my in-laws again for Cheryl's birthday (sans
***went to my in-laws yet again for Mike's birthday (this time with a gift)
***went to church on Sunday morning and played the piano and even talked with a few people and didn't nap during the service! :)
***went grocery shopping
***worked on my Christmas project a LOT
***cleaned up after my kitties (this could really be a full-time job)
***went to the movies
***went to Walmart probably 7-8
***went to Timmy's a few times
***watched a couple of my favorite TV shows
***wrote some emails
***checked Facebook frequently :)
***talked to my sister on the phone for like 2 hours
***paid bills
***did about 7-8 loads of laundry
***chatted online
***and probably 41, 278 other things that I can't think of right now!

So, the next time you feel like asking me what I do all day.......don't. :D Haha, actually just bookmark this page and I'll probably be doing something on this list if I'm not at work. Which I usually am. And if you want me to do something for you -- I don't have the time. I just proved it with the above list. :D

Vacation is right around the corner. Whatever shall I do with 12 whole days that I don't have to go to work??? Pure bliss, I tell ya!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

new post!!!

This might come as quite the shock to anyone who has been checking my blog lately -- there's actually a new post here!! I have had my work schedule disrupted changed over the last week, and it has left me with little time to do anything!! I was so used to working nights and being able to do things during the day that working during the day all the time confused me quite a bit. But that's ok, b/c after I work two days and two nights this week, I am off for almost two weeks!!!! I can't wait, I am headed out to the west coast to see my sister and her fam, should be an awesome time.

So, in the midst of all the busyness last week, there was time for the first major annoyance snowfall of the year. I hate cold weather, I hate driving in the snow, I hate waiting for the car to warm up, I hate scraping ice off the car, I hate having to wear six layers, I hate winter!!! I think I would love winter if all I had to do for three months was sit by the fireplace with a hot cup of apple cinnamon tea with Christmas music playing in the background and stare out the window at the snow swirling all around. But alas, that is not the case and never will be. Unfortunately, life keeps going during the winter, which means I still have to go outside and I still have to go to work and I still have to buy groceries and I still have to do every little mundane task of life, except it's freezing out and the roads are dangerous!!! Not a good tradeoff.....

Happy November birthdays!!!! There have been quite the bunch of them over the past week or so. So I'll just give a group shoutout to all of them -- Opa, Violet, Cheryl, Mike......and Matty, my little bother's brother's is today!!!

Okay, I think I am done with the exclamation points for now. :-D I have been thinking of doing a giveaway, but I'm not sure how much participation I would get. I know a bunch of people come on here and don't leave comments.......sooooo......if you would be interested in a giveaway, leave a comment on this post, and if I get enough people that seem interested, then I'll do another post and give away something fabulous!!!

Happy the-day-my-brother-was-born, everybody!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

silliness by me and Cheryl :-D

So, here is the scene -- there are six people sitting around the living room. Four laptops are shared amongst the six of them. Instead of talking across the room like normal people, the only communication is little popup windows on their screens. Oh, and also the occasional "get out of here, David!" Ain't technology grand? There is also a dying fire roaring (well, ok, dying) in the fireplace, if that adds to our homey scene any. :)

Ok..this is how I see the homelike scene here in the livingroom. There are six beautiful looking human beings in the livingroom. Times have changed and computers are the thing as we keep in touch with family and friends across the province. We are all comfortably settled here enjoying a, yes I do agree, dying fire....David can you stoke the fire please?...Mom enters with the baby who looks weirdly at us all not understanding the change in technology has arrived...yes we all are weird.

-------Cheryl gets up from the comfort of her seat to add to the fire-------

We all thank Cheryl for the warmth the fire may/will bring. On to the next subject.....which is.....addiction. Why does Coke have to be so good? What is it about it that makes me crave it at all hours of the day and/or night? If caffeine is that much of a drug, I'm really glad I never took up smoking. I have not had Coke in almost a week, and I swear I am going through withdrawal.

You are welcome everyone for stoking the home fires. I try my hardest to keep the home fires burning. Now on the subject of caffiene! Oh my...I can hardly get through a day with out some sort of caffiene. Timmy's coffee or good ole Coke! Yes even when I am in so much pain a coffee just beats everything! Is it an addiction? No...its just a true love!

Signed by Melissa and Cheryl! :)
Thanks for reading our meandering and, well, let's face it, crazy thoughts. :)

how it's going

I am proud of myself!!!

I have faithfully done my 30 sit-ups every night....and even with very few complaints. There's no one around to hear them anyways, and trust me when I say the cats don't care. I am working on adding pushups and something Jamie calls tricep dips. We'll see.

I also have had no Coke!!! Actually, no soda (pop) or even any caffeine!! I thought I would be tempted over the weekend, since I had to work soooo many hours in a row, but I held strong and drank lots and lots of water and a little orange juice.

Could the (somewhat) healthy lifestyle really be for me? :-D

Thursday, November 1, 2007

resolutions and what I'm up to

I don't know if you'd really call them resolutions, but they are things that I have told myself (and my husband) that I am going to do/work on. The first one is to exercise more often. This has started with my doing 30 situps every night, which will gradually increase. I am not really a self-motivated person in this area, and it has been a little hard to keep it up since I don't exactly have company around here (for now). When my husband comes home for good, we're going to do some things together, so that should help. So far, I have done 4 nights worth with no plans to quit (despite the burning feeling in my poor tummy -- it is not used to such activity). :)

The other thing I am working on is not drinking soda, specifically Coke. Now, before I started this kick, I was something of what you would call a minor addict. Ok, major. Whatever. :) It was getting to the point where I didn't like how I felt when I didn't have a Coke that day! Scary really. And it's not like Coke has a lot of nutritional value or So I have determined not to keep it in the house and only drink it every once in a while. I have had one Coke in the past week, and that was at someone's house where it was handed to me and I didn't want to make a big thing of it. But no more buying a couple cases at a time, no more ordering Coke when we go out to dinner, no more stopping at Mac's on the way to work to feed my addiction, no more raiding Violet's fridge in the middle of the night.....

I will keep you posted on how I am doing with my goals, however boring they may be. :D

Other than that, my free time has been quite occupied lately, which is great! And I haven't been watching a lot of TV! I am hard at work on two top-secret projects -- one for Christmas and one for our church. Both are a little time-consuming, but should be worth it in the end. I am totally busting at the seams wanting to tell someone about the Christmas one, but alas, I need to keep my mouth shut for now. And what a trial that is for me.....

Stay tuned for updates.....

P.S. Oops, I lied when I said I had no company when I do my situps. I have a small 8-pound, orange purring machine who faithfully lies next to me while I do them. :) Harry sometimes walks under my legs or my back and sometimes gets smooshed when I come back down!! And he often pulls my hair while it is flying around. :) But when I am done, he is there, lying next to me, purring up a storm, and nipping at my ear. What an encouragement. :)