Saturday, November 17, 2007

confirming what we already know.....

You Failed Your Driver's Test

You only got 5/10 correct.

If you have a driver's license, it needs to be revoked!


Andrew said...

That test is flawed.

Let's see what I can remember from the test.

(Mind you, road rules change by the province/state.)

1) They give you a result without telling you where you went wrong. So in order to find out you have to go back, constantly making small modifications until your score creeps up to 10/10. By that time, you've forgotten what you've changed, and what you've changed to, so you'll fall back on the mis-information you had before taking the tests.

2) Pedestrians don't always have right of way. People jaw walk and get hit by cars, then get charged with "failing to yield to a vehicle" or something. It happens in Ontario.

3) When driving, measuring following distance using car lengths is too complicated to be useful. What kind of car? I 1970s Caprice? Or a Mini Cooper?

No. Use the 2 second rule. When the car in front of you passes something, start counting "1 one-thousand, 2 one-thousand." If you pass that object before you finish saying "2 one-thousand" than you're following too close.

That only applies in certain vehicles in certain conditions. With heavier vehicles, such as vans, trucks, buses, you need to make it the 3 or 4 second rule. In rain, snow, and ice, you also need to increase the time-distance.

The reason the 2 second rule works is because the faster you're going the longer the distance is.

4) Hmmm...seems I found more flaws, but I forget them now.

Odd road rule of the day:
In Nova Scotia, when passing another car you're supposed to honk your horn, as if yo say "Yo, buddy, I'm passing. Don't pull over till I've passed." This is probably because when passing, you will be in that vehicle's blind spot.

Tori said...

Hmm, good thing that doesn't count. :0)

Melissa said...

wow, andrew, that is quite a discourse on driving and the problems with the test. :) Is it possible you got a lower score than me?

Andrew said...


I did not get a lower score than you did, but I don't wish to discuss my actual score. ;)