Monday, November 5, 2007

how it's going

I am proud of myself!!!

I have faithfully done my 30 sit-ups every night....and even with very few complaints. There's no one around to hear them anyways, and trust me when I say the cats don't care. I am working on adding pushups and something Jamie calls tricep dips. We'll see.

I also have had no Coke!!! Actually, no soda (pop) or even any caffeine!! I thought I would be tempted over the weekend, since I had to work soooo many hours in a row, but I held strong and drank lots and lots of water and a little orange juice.

Could the (somewhat) healthy lifestyle really be for me? :-D


C.F.B said...

Yeah for coke! Nothing is better then coke and coffee...they are the main staples in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Missy! Where have you been btw? I never get comments from you anymore :( Maybe that soda is turning you from blogging.... haha. Hope things are going well!