Monday, November 5, 2007

silliness by me and Cheryl :-D

So, here is the scene -- there are six people sitting around the living room. Four laptops are shared amongst the six of them. Instead of talking across the room like normal people, the only communication is little popup windows on their screens. Oh, and also the occasional "get out of here, David!" Ain't technology grand? There is also a dying fire roaring (well, ok, dying) in the fireplace, if that adds to our homey scene any. :)

Ok..this is how I see the homelike scene here in the livingroom. There are six beautiful looking human beings in the livingroom. Times have changed and computers are the thing as we keep in touch with family and friends across the province. We are all comfortably settled here enjoying a, yes I do agree, dying fire....David can you stoke the fire please?...Mom enters with the baby who looks weirdly at us all not understanding the change in technology has arrived...yes we all are weird.

-------Cheryl gets up from the comfort of her seat to add to the fire-------

We all thank Cheryl for the warmth the fire may/will bring. On to the next subject.....which is.....addiction. Why does Coke have to be so good? What is it about it that makes me crave it at all hours of the day and/or night? If caffeine is that much of a drug, I'm really glad I never took up smoking. I have not had Coke in almost a week, and I swear I am going through withdrawal.

You are welcome everyone for stoking the home fires. I try my hardest to keep the home fires burning. Now on the subject of caffiene! Oh my...I can hardly get through a day with out some sort of caffiene. Timmy's coffee or good ole Coke! Yes even when I am in so much pain a coffee just beats everything! Is it an addiction? No...its just a true love!

Signed by Melissa and Cheryl! :)
Thanks for reading our meandering and, well, let's face it, crazy thoughts. :)


Andrew said...

You need to try Country Style coffee.

mmmm. mmmm. good.

C.F.B said...

Country style does not even come close to an addiction....although I have to say that I think I have an addiction to coffee in general...if I can have my cup or even half a cup of coffee in a day without anything else I am a happy camper...sad uh? :)

Melissa said...

very sad indeed