Thursday, November 15, 2007


Is it really possible for a person to work 137 hours in the space of two weeks? Well, of course, the answer is YES, it is humanly possible, but definitely NOT recommended. At least, I don't recommend it if you like to do other things besides work and sleep. Despite working allllll those hours, here are some things I was able to fit in in my "spare time":

***made a pan of lasagna
***went to my in-laws for dinner and talking and all that
***went to my in-laws again for Cheryl's birthday (sans
***went to my in-laws yet again for Mike's birthday (this time with a gift)
***went to church on Sunday morning and played the piano and even talked with a few people and didn't nap during the service! :)
***went grocery shopping
***worked on my Christmas project a LOT
***cleaned up after my kitties (this could really be a full-time job)
***went to the movies
***went to Walmart probably 7-8
***went to Timmy's a few times
***watched a couple of my favorite TV shows
***wrote some emails
***checked Facebook frequently :)
***talked to my sister on the phone for like 2 hours
***paid bills
***did about 7-8 loads of laundry
***chatted online
***and probably 41, 278 other things that I can't think of right now!

So, the next time you feel like asking me what I do all day.......don't. :D Haha, actually just bookmark this page and I'll probably be doing something on this list if I'm not at work. Which I usually am. And if you want me to do something for you -- I don't have the time. I just proved it with the above list. :D

Vacation is right around the corner. Whatever shall I do with 12 whole days that I don't have to go to work??? Pure bliss, I tell ya!


Jessica said...

Wow girl, you better get some rest!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord for vacations!