Monday, December 31, 2007

vacation is over -- a dose of reality! :)

Well, I am back home in the great north. It seems like vacation was over before it even began. And that is never a good thing. We were so busy the whole time we were away, and I think that contributed to it seemingly going by so quickly. But I got to spend Christmas with my family and see everyone and that is the most important thing!! I love my family so much -- everyone is unique, and yet there are so many similarities among us all. I am incredibly thankful to have a great relationship with each of my siblings and with my parents as well.

We spent Christmas morning at my older brother Andrew's house -- my parents were there, Andrew and Grace, Olivia, Matthew, and James and me, of course. A cozy family Christmas. I'm not even sure what everyone all got since there was such a frenzy of handing out gifts and a flurry of wrapping paper as the gifts were torn into. :) Later in the afternoon, we all trekked to my aunt's house for Christmas dinner, which was amazingly yummy. It was actually kind of an odd thing to be spending time with them at all, since we never really have much at all in the past. But it was really good that we went -- it was very important to be there for them since my aunt and uncle are in the midst of divorcing after almost 30 years married. None of them are Christians, and it is a really sad thing. My dad had the opportunity to witness a lot, as this time of hurt in her life has made my aunt so much more open to these things. We are praying for all of them!!

We had to do without the craziness of Boxing Day this year since we weren't in Canada!! I didn't miss it too much....

The rest of the time was spent in church, at various Christmas programs, hanging out, eating good PA food (which I miss so much!), shopping, playing games, dropping off or picking up people at the airport, trying to find our way around the new town my parents live in now, and being together. I can't wait until the next time.

We both did end up getting a cold while we were there, mainly toward the end. Both of us were pretty miserable by the time we got home, but fortunately, we both had a day off, which we used to sleep and recuperate. Today, I am feeling a lot better!!

And now the craziness of the week begins. James went back to school for his last week, and I am working a lot of shifts and trying to get up the energy to do things around here. Tomorrow is the Christmas get-together at my in-laws -- I will have to represent both myself and James, seeing as he can't come. Everyone has drawn a name and purchased or made a gift -- I can't wait to find out who has my name!! Even with my begging and pleading and prodding, I haven't figured it out, although I have it narrowed down quite a bit. :) James' grad is on Friday, and then he can come home for good. I say it's about time! I was starting to feel like I was single again. :)

Lots of things happening this week, but for now, I'm not going to think about it, and go ring in the New Year with some friends. I probably shouldn't stay up too late, seeing as I have to be at work by 7am, but I have been known to do foolish things in the past. :-D Ah well, sleep is overrated. Happy 2008, everybody!!!

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