Tuesday, February 19, 2008

part two (finally)

Well, I kinda didn't get around to posting the second part of the story, for those who are sitting on the edge of their seats (and I know there are a LOT of you lol). :) Anyways, here we go.

After a few weeks of spending most all our time together, my mom and sister came to visit for Thanksgiving. While I was happy to see them, I didn't want to stop spending time with James, and therefore, I think I ignored them a little (OK, a lot!). Sorry, Mom and Jeanette! My mom asked me when we had started dating, and I said (probably a little too forcefully) "we are NOT dating!" :) Mothers know everything, don't they?

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I got really sick -- so sick that I had to go to the hospital for a little bit. After recovering from that, it was time for final exams, and since I had neglected my schoolwork most of the semester to spend time with a certain someone, I really needed to study! I still saw James every now and then, but the phone calls became less and less, and it appeared things were winding down. I didn't think anything about it honestly -- we were just friends, after all. After finals, it was time to go home for Christmas break. Before I left, I saw James and gave him a Christmas card and told him to email me and said I would see him when we got back in January. He told me later that he thought he would never see me again! This is a good lesson in how guys' and girls' minds work sooooo differently.

When I got home, I missed him soooo much. I realized he had become my best friend, the person I would tell everything to, and now that I was at home, I couldn't do that anymore. So we started emailing every day -- long, newsy emails about what was going on at home and what was happening in our families and at work. Then, when that wasn't enough, we started talking on the phone every now and then and just talked talked talked as we got to know each other better. We were becoming even closer friends, and I think (just maybe) I was starting to like him too. :) Time moved along, and I went on a trip to South Korea with my mom. I said I would email him when I got back, but when I got back, there was an email from him that said he had gone back to school early and I would have to call him there. So I did -- every day -- probably for 3 hours a day -- enough to make my mother flip out about phone bills! -- until I went back to school too a couple weeks later.

When I look back at this now, I have no idea how he could have thought that this relationship wasn't going anywhere or I didn't like him or whatever. I certainly wouldn't have spent my time emailing or talking on the phone for hours with someone I didn't care about. I looked him up as soon as I got back, and we fell back into our old groove of hanging out all the time, sometimes with our other friends. I was okay with this as a general rule -- this is what best friends do! I guess in the back of my head, I thought it seemed like we were dating -- I'm sure everyone else thought we were, and all our friends were certain we were!

So, fast forward a couple weeks to Valentine's Day 2003! We decided to eat breakfast together, even though I didn't have a class until 11am. I wore pink and red as per tradition and brought along a card I was going to give him. A funny-I'm-so-glad-you're-my-FRIEND card. Hehe, so I was a little surprised when I received a much more romantic card from James, more along the lines of girlfriend card. Surprised, but pleased nonetheless. He had written about how much he liked me and thought he was falling in love with me and could we please start dating officiallly? I was quiet for a minute (an eternity for James) and I think he thought I was going to say no. But how could I say no? I'm sure I was falling for him too, and he was my best friend. Of course I would love to date my best friend -- I have always wanted to be friends first before beginning anything romantic. So I said YES YES YES! He had to go to class, and I was supposed to go to the library to do some work. When I got to the library, all I did for two hours was read and reread and reread the card over and over and over again and blubbered and cried over the sweetness of it all. :) I had a boyfriend!

And for the very first time, I could see this going somewhere.....

Part three to follow....

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