Monday, April 21, 2008


Happiness is being in the house of God or the company of Christian friends ALL DAY LONG.

Happiness is seeing the old folks at the nursing home light up with joy when they see us walk in the door.

Happiness is playing the piano -- not once, not twice, but three times -- in one day.

Happiness is sharing a laugh (or ten) with a friend.

Happiness is driving my little car with the sunroof open on the open, clear roads.

Happiness is unexpected invitations.

Happiness is being the recipient of hospitality.

Happiness is a steaming cup of apple cinnamon tea from Timmy's.

(Ultimate) happiness is knowing that God has saved ME despite what I have or haven't done.

Happiness is going to Rita's. (gulp)

Okay, okay, well, nine out of ten ain't bad! Hopefully number ten can be fulfilled in a couple of weeks or so. :)

P.S. If you want to be happy, stop driving by gas stations.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

gas prices -- yuck!

haha, well here I go again, whining about gas prices :)

(and yes, I'd like a little cheese with my wine)

It looked like gas prices might go down for a little while there, but today is a new day apparently. As I was driving my gas-guzzling machine cute little car to meet a friend for lunch today, I noticed that gas was selling for $1.17 a liter! Which equals out to about $4.42 a gallon -- the most I think I have ever paid.

I do hear a lot of people talking about it, and it's on the news, etc. But what I don't see is people refusing to drive until prices go down. Including me, of course. I think we will all keep paying the ridiculous prices until maybe it hits $10 a gallon or so. If then. We rely too much on driving everywhere.

The cycle doesn't end. Gas costs money. We get money by working. We have to get to work by driving. Driving takes gas. Gas costs money........

And so it goes......

Monday, April 14, 2008

breaking the silence

Soooooo........I haven't exactly posted lately.

Not that anyone has missed me.

But ya never know.

Sooooooo........a little update.......cuz lots of stuff is happening!

  1. Biggest news of all is that I think spring has arrived! A dusting of snow over the weekend put serious doubts in my mind, but the temps this week are supposed to be gorgeous, and I have already been loving the semi-warmness and sun and absence of all things winter!
  2. A few travel plans are being finalized for the next few months. James and I were going to go to my parents' for Mother's Day weekend, but James had something come up with family AND work and has to stay in town. But I'm gonna go anyways, and for a little longer -- so me and my mama will get in some fun time! James and I are both hoping to go at the end of July. :) I'm also gonna go to a Ladies Retreat at another church (with our church) near the end of May -- a first for me, so I'll have to see how that goes. And then traveling in October too for Matty's wedding.
  3. So where does the $$$ come from???? I'd really like to know that as well!!! Gas prices are seriously climbing right now -- we are paying about $4.30 a gallon, so don't complain about your prices in the States, ok? :) I even noticed today that it seems a lot of prices at the grocery store are going up as well........sigh.
  4. I have *FINALLY* been approved to take the exam to become an RN in Canada. Test date is October 8th, so I shall be studying up a storm until that date. I'm kinda nervous, but excited that everything actually did work out. There were a couple times (ok, a LOT of times) that I almost gave up, thinking it would never happen and there was no point in even trying. So now it's here -- I can't believe it -- and I HAVE to pass the test. Back to school for me!
  5. It seems there is something else that belongs on this list, but I just can't think of it. Maybe another post tomorrow?

Like I said, ya never know!