Wednesday, April 16, 2008

gas prices -- yuck!

haha, well here I go again, whining about gas prices :)

(and yes, I'd like a little cheese with my wine)

It looked like gas prices might go down for a little while there, but today is a new day apparently. As I was driving my gas-guzzling machine cute little car to meet a friend for lunch today, I noticed that gas was selling for $1.17 a liter! Which equals out to about $4.42 a gallon -- the most I think I have ever paid.

I do hear a lot of people talking about it, and it's on the news, etc. But what I don't see is people refusing to drive until prices go down. Including me, of course. I think we will all keep paying the ridiculous prices until maybe it hits $10 a gallon or so. If then. We rely too much on driving everywhere.

The cycle doesn't end. Gas costs money. We get money by working. We have to get to work by driving. Driving takes gas. Gas costs money........

And so it goes......

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