Wednesday, May 28, 2008

an AMAZING answer to prayer

In case anyone has been keeping up with how my mom is doing, I thought I would share some news I heard today!

My mom has been having oodles of tests done over the past couple weeks -- all very tedious and some quite painful. They did discover quite early on that the larger lump found was indeed cancerous. However, most cause for concern were the lumps under her arm, indicating that the cancer may have spread to the lymph nodes (not good). After all the other tests, they concluded the tests were inconclusive (ironic), and decided they needed to do biopsies on the lumps under her arm. Those biopsies were scheduled for today. So my mom went in for her appointment and did NOT have the biopsies done......because the lumps were GONE!!!! The radiologist said this happens sometimes, but we know it was ALL God. What a wonderful God we have to give us what we so desperately want but know we do not deserve!

Now, that being said -- the cancer is not all gone, but the prognosis looks much better. She is scheduling surgery to have the other lump removed, and then will have six weeks of radiation, but this is one of the best-case scenarios for her situation.

I am so grateful to God for hearing the prayers of His children and seeing fit to work in a wonderful way. And I am also very grateful to those people who have been fervent and faithful in their prayers for my dear mama.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

how long has it been? :)

Well, I haven't written anything in a long time. And I can't even think of anything I even want to write. I went to visit my parents last week and had such a great time. Maybe I'll write about that sometime soon. I guess I'm just feeling lazy right now.....

Anyways, please keep praying for my mom -- she's still going through tests so the doctors can decide what they might want to do next. Here's a pic of me and my mama. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

praising Him in this storm

My daddy called Saturday afternoon. I wasn't home. He left a message that said "your mom is sick." My heart dropped to the tip of my toes. And I thought, NOT AGAIN. Why is this happening? Cancer is evil, and my mom does NOT deserve it. When I called him back, and he explained what was happening, I cried and cried and cried -- and now I'm crying again.

I can't help but wonder why. But my dad reminded me on the phone "all things work together for good to them that LOVE GOD." Jesus, the Master of the sea, is right here with us, holding us close during this storm. Sometimes we doubt, but He is always there. Sometimes I can't hear His reassuring voice through all my worrying and crying. He will never ever leave my side, and I must praise Him, my God who knows better than I.

This says it better than I ever could:

I was sure by now
That You would have reached down
And wiped our tears away,
Stepped in and saved the day,
But once again, I say "amen,"
And it's STILL raining;

As the thunder rolls,
I barely hear You whisper through the rain,
"I am with you"
And as Your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God
Who gives and takes away.

I'll praise you in this storm
And I will lift my hands
For You are Who You are;
No matter where I am
Every tear I've cried
You hold in Your hand
You've never left my side
And though my heart is torn,
I will praise you in this storm.

Lyrics courtesy of Mac Hall and Casting Crowns