Monday, June 30, 2008

random photography

I usually like taking pictures. I'm still kinda learning all the ins and outs of my camera though, so they don't always come out so pretty. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it one of these days. :)

So last week sometime, I saw (very randomly) on the news that the moon was supposed to be bright and full and appear to be very large. In short, it was supposed to look amazing. I had to work that night, but I toted my camera to work with me in hopes that I might catch a glimpse. I kept going outside (and leaving my client alone, bad me), but there seemed to be a heavy cloud cover that night. Finally, around 10:45 pm, the clouds parted and I managed to see the moon. Yes, it was bright, and yes, it was full, but I failed to see why it had made it onto the evening news. Nothing spectacular, I tell ya. But I was there, with camera in hand, so I snapped this. Is it just me, or does it look pretty much the same size as normal???

Okay, so after that incredibly wonderful picture, I will insert a picture of a rainbow. I love rainbows, they make me happy. Anyways, it started pouring the other evening (like it has pretty much every day for the last 22 or so), and the sun was shining, so I knew there would be a rainbow somewhere. And it showed up right in front of our house. I don't think any picture does a rainbow justice -- this one was so beautiful, and I couldn't even manage to get the whole thing in the viewfinder, seeing as I was way too close. I just wanted to reach out and touch it -- and grab the pot of gold lol. :-D Anyways, here is my best attempt.

Something else that makes me happy is shopping!!! There were Old Navy ads plastered all over TV all week, and something that caught my eye was the one-day sale on Saturday. They were offering all their classic flip flops for just $1!!!! I know a bargain when I see one! I was quite pleased with the haul, paying just $4 for four pairs of flip flops that would normally cost $20. The limit was five pairs. I was going to get five pairs for myself, but I had one generous bone in my body, and bought a pair for James as well. However, after seeing how ungrateful he was, I think I should have stuck with five pairs for me. How sad I had to leave the green ones behind.... :(

And last but not least, is my ever-willing photo subject Spencer in her ever-lazy pose. :)

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