Friday, June 20, 2008

spoiling ourselves :)

We work hard!

We earn our own money!

We deserve to buy ourselves nice things once in a while!!

That being prefaced, we went out shopping yesterday and bought a couple things. Not-very-cheap things. Pretty expensive things. :) James has been wanting a video game system for a while now. And while I'm not big on war games and the like, I do enjoy other fun games and games that make me think.

So, before we could talk ourselves out of it, we came home with.....

The xBox 360, of course, being for James, (left), and the Nintendo DS Lite for me (below). I had to go to work last night, but I would venture to say that James probably stayed up half the night playing Splinter Cell. :)


Jessica said...

My husband has a 360, he is addicted to that thing! LOL! I have a DS as well, mine is red and black (I like the new blue and black ones though) I don't play it much. Probably because I'm always teaching, cleaning, or cooking! LOL! Maybe I should take some time to relax and play more often. :)

Melissa said...

I hear ya about the addiction thing -- sometimes he can barely tear himself away from it! :-0