Tuesday, June 3, 2008

up and up and up

Just a note on this fine rainy day that should make EVERYONE happy they don't live in Canada.

And that is.....

Gas is $4.84 a gallon here.

That's right -- rejoice and be thankful for the $4 or so you're paying.

Cuz now you know -- it could be a lot worse.


C.F.B said...

Lol...thanks Mel for trying to cheer us all up! :)

Kay said...

So... I'm trying blogging again... we'll see how it goes.

And I saw that premium gas today was 4.17 I'm so glad I use unleaded, its only 3.95! Ughhhh


Anne said...

Thanks for reminding us to keep it all in perspective... I think I'll count my blessings at $3.89:o).

Deb said...

Hi Melissa, I'm finally getting a chance to pop over and check out your blog. My daughters and I have been away, and it's been a full week of catching up. Today is "catch up on comments" day! Anyway, thank you so much for visiting our blog...and WOW on the gas where you are! Yes, I'm thankful it's "only" $3.99 here!

PTL on the answer of prayer for your mom, too! I wish her the very best.