Thursday, July 10, 2008

July.... a busy month. It seems every day that we aren't working, we have plans elsewhere. Which is why today is July 10 and I haven't even changed the calendars yet. :) I wonder if I should even bother now, or just wait until August.

James has been working a few overtime shifts lately, which is good for the extra money, but not so great for spending time together. July birthdays and holidays have kinda taken over our free time. But we did have a few hours this past Saturday, so we went to the lake and relaxed for a few hours. It was a pretty nice day to spend outside, and we were able to read and talk and toss around a football. I was going to venture into the lake, but it smelled and looked so dirty that I quickly changed my mind. :) The day passed with no major occurrences -- except maybe my very sprained right pinky finger, or James' blotchy sunburn from wiping off patches of sunscreen. :) I also have a very interesting sunburn pattern around my neckline.

Tonight, we shall spend with several siblings and James' grandparents -- Tuesday was Oma's birthday, and we are celebrating that tonight. Definitely one of my favorite in-law relatives.

We are fixing to head to PA at the end of July, and as usual, I am so excited about that. (!!!) As long as my mom is feeling okay, she and I are going to attend CKC in Valley Forge. We went in 2006 and had the best time! It didn't work out to go last year, but this year, we signed up for four classes and are going to spend the rest of the time shopping and oohing and aahing over all things scrapbooking. I wish it was today!! And I pretty much say that every day....

Well, there's a little update for now -- may not get back for a while due to lots of working and lots of celebrating. I'm definitely okay with the celebrating, but it can get costly. Beth and I are going to Vaughan Mills on Monday night for our birthdays. They are only four days apart, so we like to try and do something together. This year, we are going to Build-a-Bear, just like little kids!! :) I'll try to get pictures of our dorkiness. :)

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