Wednesday, August 6, 2008

as promised....

(or at least part of the promise)

You may remember that I posted about an early New Year's resolution last December -- to cut my hair and donate it. Last December!! And I said I was going to accomplish it by February at the latest. :) :) Well well, here we are five months after that and I have finally gotten around to it. In all fairness to me, I really DID need to wait until now -- I was just overly ambitious/hopeful before and really didn't have enough hair.

I have had enough hair probably since June, but I kept putting it off and putting it off, but I finally scheduled myself an appointment for July 22, just 2 days before my birthday. In the week or so before, I kept looking at myself in the mirror and thinking how attached I had become to my long hair. I really couldn't imagine myself without it. However, I HAVE had short hair before, so I knew it couldn't be that big of a deal. And it really wasn't. After the stylist unceremoniously chopped off a 10-inch long braid, there was no turning back.

I loved it the first day, hated it the second day, and got back around to liking it pretty well on the third day. Really, I don't think guys can relate to the bond we girls develop with our hair -- how much it is part of who we really are. But I'm still me, just with short hair.

However, adjusting to short hair is not the main thing. The main thing was donating my hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. My hair will be used along with other people's to create free wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. The ultimate reason behind it all was in support of my mom. Although she has not lost her hair, she has been fighting this war again breast cancer since early 2006. And she's still fighting.

A couple months ago, my dad's company decreased all their health benefits, and now my mom has to pay to visit the doctor and to have any tests done. Also, she is pursuing additional treatments that insurance does not cover at all.

My parents aren't rich -- they don't exactly have the kind of money it takes to do this. Who does really? So I decided to try to get people to pledge money to sponsor me -- all the money would go to help my mom with her medical bills. At first, I thought I could get a few hundred dollars, but God worked in people's hearts in an amazing way and I was able to collect many times over that to give to my mom. I am so thankful to everyone who opened their hearts in love and support of my mom. It is just so incredible to me that people would give so generously, and mostly to an individual they had never met. Eternal rewards will be reaped for sure for these people. Thank you, everyone -- you are amazing.

P.S. Have you ever thought of donating your hair?? Your own hair grows back, and in the meantime, you could be giving such a meaningful gift to another person. Find the link above, or click on the graphic below for more information!!

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Dear Abbi said...

Your hair is adorable...longer or shorter! And it's totally normal to be attached to is our glory after all. :) Great job and your mom must be so proud to see that picture of you with your detached braid. :)